Kimber Lee (f.k.a. Abbey Laith in WWE) recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine where she discussed her goals moving forward after her time in NXT.

What her main focus is:

“One of the things that was close to my heart is Intergender wrestling and Women being given the same opportunities as men and looked at as equal competitors and so I would like to keep blazing that trail and proving to everyone in the world that it’s possible and showing what women can do. I want to travel, Japan is a huge thing on my list of places that I want to go I have been before but it was very brief, I was only there for about three days and it was very early on in my career so I’d like to be able to go for a little bit extensive period of time and train and really soak in the culture over there. I guess those would be my main goals, the intergender trail being blazed and then just to get to travel more and get to places I haven’t been yet.”

Specific opponents, she wants to see:

“Another of myall-timee favourites I’d love to wrestle at some point down the road would be Io Shirai. Going into the intergender side of things another person I never got to wrestle is Matt Riddle, he is also somebody who would be on my list. Companies that have kind of shown up in the past year that I haven’t been a part of yet, Bar Wrestling looks like it would be super fun and so does Wrestlecircus.”

How her WrestleMania weekend was after her WWE departure:

“Wrestlemania weekend, it was awesome, It was quite a whirlwind wind that’s for sure! Very busy and not much sleep but definitely all worth it and I had a lot of fun! My first match back was with “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams and that was great to get to come back to Beyond Wrestling my home and wrestle someone there that I hadn’t got an opportunity to before and had been on my list before I left. That was one that stood out, but getting to share the ring with Meiko Satomura and Jessicka Havok was another one that stuck in my head pretty physically (she laughs), especially with Meiko, my favorite of all time.”

Source :

Total Wrestling Magazine

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