WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle recently spoke with Sports Illustrated where he reflected on Drew McIntyre becoming the new WWE Champion.

McIntyre managed to defeat Brock Lesnar to become WWE Champion at WWE WrestleMania 36, and then defended against Big Show just 20 minutes after.

Having the Scotsman as the WWE Champion is something that many fans have been incredibly happy to see, and that includes Kurt Angle.

“We finally have somebody new in the main event, and that’s Drew McIntyre,” Kurt Angle shared. “He is the breath of fresh air for WWE. Now you don’t need to continuously keep going back to Roman, Cena, and Brock. Drew is the new guy, and he needs to excel this year.”

Angle went on to discuss working with Drew at the end of his TNA career, and how he knew that he’d be a success in WWE.

“We had a fantastic match in TNA, and I elected to put him over,” said Angle. “Winning or losing, that was my choice. I put over Bobby Lashley on my last tour, but then Bobby Roode insisted that he lose to me, so Bobby Roode was my second-to-last match, and then I told Drew he’d be my final match in TNA. We had an incredible match, a good 18-19 minutes, and I tapped out to him.

“I know Drew didn’t do as well as he would have liked the first time he was in WWE, but I knew he was special when I saw him in TNA. He looked great then, but he still didn’t look the way he looks now–he worked his ass off, built his body up, and he looks fantastic. I knew if WWE got a hold of him, his career would take off.”

Source :

Sports Illustrated

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