Earlier today news of the Brock Lesnar vs. Kane match from Chicago, Illinois over the weekend surfaced, and the match did not impress most of the fans in attendance. The match only were a mere 35 seconds, sparking backlash online and from the fans in attendance. According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, the match purposefully was kept short due to a decision made by the company. It has been speculated that Lesnar’s matches could be kept short going forward since he is rumored to be leaving the company in favor of training for a UFC comeback later this year, but as far as his match against Kane is concerned, Lesnar had nothing to do with how the match went down.
Drake Maverick arrived in WWE a few weeks ago with a plan to shakeup the 205 Live show on the WWE Network. The changes are already noticeable as the show has shifted its focus towards in-ring action done by the performers in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament. Maverick has already added some impressive stars such as Roderick Strong, Buddy Murphy, and Mark Andrews to the 205 Live roster, but the new General Manager of the cruiserweight-exclusive show is now teasing that even more talent could be added to the division very soon. Maverick recently tweeted out a photo of himself backstage at an NXT live event which just so happens to feature Ricochet (who is under 205 pounds) in the background.

I told you that I’m looking across the ENTIRE @WWEUniverse for potential #Cruiserweight @WWE superstars for @WWE205Live
That means I’m looking at #RAW
That means I’m looking at #SmackdownLive
Tonight I’m looking at #NXTOrlando pic.twitter.com/74WfBfwgbU
— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) March 4, 2018

One of the most popular stars in all of WWE at the moment is unquestionably Smackdown’s Rusev. “The Bulgarian Brute” has struck gold ever since he was partnered up with Aiden English and developed the “Rusev Day” catchphrase. Chants from fans have now infiltrated several other WWE programs aside from Smackdown now, and it now looks like it is starting to be used in other promotions. During a recent event for Ring of Honor, the crowd in attendance spontaneously erupted into chants of “Rusev Day,” and the man himself later commented on the matter. Hopefully, fans will not have to wait too much longer until Rusev and English are back on TV again. 

Rusev Day chants at ROH! @RusevBUL #ROH #RusevDay pic.twitter.com/LuvJz3tpKz
— Balor Club Guy (@BalorClubGuy) March 4, 2018

Interesting…… https://t.co/Mg10vJNPWk
— Duly Noted (@RusevBUL) March 4, 2018

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