The name of the second finalist of the Italian volleyball Serie A1 will be known after decisive 5th game. Macerata won the fourth semifinal 3:0 in Piacenza.



In Piacenza, the spectators witnessed how Macerata avoided Piacenza´s trap, especially in the first and third set, and how they managed to obtain the possibility to play for the final back in Ancona thanks to their pride.

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The home side started with the same attitude as seen in the previous game: great focus and perfect combination of dig and block. Macerata was obviously tense and under pressure, but with Rodrigao´s work at the net, they went back in game. The reception of the host was suddenly going wrong and the whole team was making mistakes (7 from the serve). Piacenza – Macerata 0-1. The guests intensified their effort. Piacenza´s reception was not good and Macerata took advantage to build a lead (10-14, then 13-20). There was no way back for Piacenza in the second set. Piacenza tried to comeback, its play was flowing better and was more solid. The serving would do the rest. Zlatanov and co hit the serve hard, with Bjelica scoring two consecutive aces as the score was now 21-13. However, Matteo Martino immited its opponent and Piacenza was struggling. Bravo finally got the serve back but Macerata regained it immediately, two aces from Piazza made it 23-22. His own mistake gave Piacenza a 24-22 lead but Swiderski and Lebl were having none of it and tied it. Swiderski – again – did another ace while Omrcen put the end-word to the encounter.

Angelo Lorenzetti (Copra Nordmeccanica Piacenza): “We said it would be a long series and we were right. We´re disappointed with the way we lost the first and third set, but with the style of volleyball we play, this can happen. Such incisive runs like the ones Macerata had can decide a set and the game too”.

De Giorgi (Lube Banca Macerata): “We approached the game with the right attitude. That’s what I told my players, even when we were 11-16 down in the first set. I was convinced that if we continued that way, with that attitude, with a couple more plays in our favour, we could do well, if not win the game. At least stay in the game till the end”.

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