Huge congratulations are in order for fashion blog Man Repeller’s own Leandra Medine, who announced in an emotional blog post on Thursday that she is expecting twins with husband Abie Cohen after years of trying to have a baby.

The blogger has been open with her following about her struggles with fertility, including the aftermath of a miscarriage she suffered last year, and she spent a large part of her pregnancy announcement addressing this directly.

“We had passed all the milestones, including the would-be birthday of the baby-that-never-was. I ‘should have’ been recovered by then according to the heartbreaking stories of loss I was fed,” she wrote of the miscarriage. “‘Once the oven is hot, it yearns to make more kids,’ they would tell me as if a conciliatory prize. But where were mine? I wasn’t even close. I was dead inside. Cold.”

Medine tried everything from acupuncture and hypnosis to journaling and dietary restrictions in order to help increase her chances of carrying a child to full term, but she said it was not working. She had started to consider the question of whether or not she deserved her own husband when she got pregnant.

“Thank God, though, that before I could really fuck things up, what would be my final tango with hormone therapy reached its own culmination and by the 4th of July, my reproductive endocrinologist confirmed that I was pregnant with twins,” she wrote.

“I spent the rest of the summer hurled over toilet seats or public garbage cans or with my head inside the plastic bags I would carry around as I navigated a hot and very smelly New York City, anticipating the 12-week scan where everything unraveled last time.”

Medine is currently 22 weeks pregnant. She ended her blog post with a message to other women who are struggling with fertility.

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“That was my course. This is my course. I wish I had known this. I wish I could have believed Abie when he said I would be happy again,” she wrote. “I hope that you believe me when I say you will be, too.”

Congratulations to Leandra and Abie.

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