The 2017 Hamburg men’s WTS race came down to a 5km blast-out, with almost the entire field having sat in for the six-lap 20km bike.


Heading the standings going into the fifth race of the season was Spain’s Fernando Alarza, looking for his first victory of 2017 having collected a string of silver and bronze finishes to date. But a crash at the end of lap one of the bike leg, coming through transition over the blue carpet, cut those hopes short.  

With the remaining top four in the standings – Spain’s Mario Mola and Javier Gomez, GB’s Thomas Bishop and South Africa’s Henri Schoeman – left in the mix, the final 5km would provide the viewing public with the race they’d been expecting. 

In the first half kilometre, reigning world champ, defending champ and two-time 2017 WTS winner Mola took his place at the front where he remained to the finish line; compatriot Gomez (and 2017 Abu Dhabi victor) running into second before the end of the first lap.