TNA star Matt Morgan spoke to this week to promote tonight’s Victory Road 2012 pay-per-view. Among the topics discussed were his tag title match at the show, his involvement with TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion and the changes to WWE’s creative process since he left the company back in 2005.

Morgan, who was saddled with a stuttering gimmick during his brief WWE run, had this to say about what’s changed in WWE since he left:

“I’ve got a lot of close friends who still work there who I regularly talk to on a weekly basis that tell me that it has changed over there,” Morgan said. “That some of these guys, the younger ones, are getting a little more creative freedom when it comes to promos or character ideas. Or things of that nature. So it’s not like it was when I was there when there was just like a freakin’ Great Wall of China of defense when trying to pitch an idea. Now they’re a little bit less reluctant and a little bit more open to hearing some of the ideas from the younger, newer guys. And I think you’re seeing that on television with certain guys.”

Morgan singled out former WWE champion The Miz as somebody who has made the most of the this new found freedom:

“I think someone like The Miz, who you saw bust his butt over the years, I have no doubt of my mind that that guy put a hundred percent of his energy and mind into those promos and ideas of his. And character development and things like that. And I think that’s what’s made him so successful over the past year.”

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