Australia’s all-conquering Kona queen Mirinda ‘Rinny’ Carfrae believes that she ‘still hasn’t reached her ceiling’ in terms of performance, and plans to keep returning to the Big Island.


Replying to a 220 reader’s question in our live Q&A last night on what her next goals will be in triathlon, she said: “My goal has always been to try and find my potential in this sport and particularly in Kona. I still don’t feel that I have reached my ceiling and while I feel that way will continue to return to Kona and see how fast I can go! You can never have too many world titles.”

She also admitted that she feels the pressure improve her swim and bike to the point where they match her stellar run (Rinny reached T2 more than 14mins behind the leader in Kona this year), saying: “Definitely don’t want to find myself that far back off the bike again anytime soon.”

Mental toughness

Reader Stephen Collins asked what many of us were wondering – just how does she push through the pain barrier? What are her mental strategies?