The commentary team welcomes us to the show as Carmella makes her way down to the ring first. The New Day comes down to the ring next in matching jerseys to show their support for their partner Big E. Asuka and The Miz makes their way down to the ring last and they seem to have some good team chemistry and the support of the crowd.
The RAW and SmackDown LIVE General Managers Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan are shown thanking the WWE Universe for over 35 million total engagements on last week’s debut show.
The Miz & Asuka vs. Big E & Carmella: Big E got the advantage early on, but The Miz hits a go-behind to counter Big E. Big E is able to get The Miz in an abdominal stretch and proceeds to slap the back-side of the Miz. The crowd chants “we want Asuka” and The Miz obliges and tags in Asuka. It looks like Carmella doesn’t want to join the fray just yet. Big E grabs a big “L” and tells Carmella to give it to Asuka. Asuka seems she likes the gift until she decides she no longer likes it by ripping it up and yells out loud. Carmella quickly tags back out.

Big E comes in and cleans house with a bunch of suplexes. The Miz turns things around, but Carmella breaks up the pin. The Miz and Asuka decide to do simultaneous It Kicks. Big E catches The Miz for a slam but a big boot from THe Miz changes the complexion of the match. The Miz works on Big E some more as Carmella cheers her partner to get back into the match. Big E mounts a comeback but is quickly shot down. The Miz gets Big E in a head lock and goes for a splash in the corner, but nobody is home. Asuka smartly makes the tag and goes to town on Carmella. The Miz hypes up his partner but that allows time for Carmella to regain her senses and lands a big kick. Asuka goes on a fury of an attack and gets the arm bar locked in. Carmella fights for a short time until she has to tap. Winners via Submission: The Miz & Asuka
After the match, we get a promo for next week’s episode that features the team of Braun Strowman & RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss going up against the team of Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch.
Renee Young goes on to interview The Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Asuka. Asuka speaks some Japanese, but The Miz translates and says that Asuka has learned more from him than anyone else about winning and being in a team. The Miz ends the interview by saying that they will continue to fight for their charity because they’re “Awe-Suka”!
Corey Graves goes on and calls them the odds on favorite to go all the way to end the show.

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