During a recent interview with the The Miami Herald, TNA star Mr. Anderson spoke about working with “living legend” Jeff Hardy, TNA’s hectic travel schedule affecting him mentally and physically and the differences between TNA and WWE. Here are some highlights of what Mr. Anderson said about:

Wrestling Jeff Hardy: “I’m dealing with a guy who, in my opinion, is a living legend and probably one of the youngest living legends ever in our business. He is somebody I completely looked up to, when I was coming up through the ranks of the independent scene, and I still do. Ultimately, we’re all still fans of the wrestling business. We’re the biggest fans out there, and I’m a fan of Jeff Hardy. We’re very competitive. We like each other, so that’s always a challenge to wrestle each other, when you’re getting along with each other, but I always enjoy getting in the ring with Jeff.”


Differences between TNA and WWE: “When I got to TNA, I had a little bit more freedom creatively on the microphone. They would give me a promo with some bullet points, and if I didn’t necessarily feel what was on the paper, I was pretty free to change it up. I went out there one night, and I hit that line. Interestingly enough [former TNA creative] Vince Russo then wrote for me the next week the line about Jeff Hardy has his fans who he calls the Creatures of the Night. Well, I’ve got my own fans, and I call them Anderson’s @$$holes, and right at that moment the entire crowd started chanting, ‘We are @$$holes.’

“It was a vision, an idea that I had in my head for seven years, and it hit, and it stuck, and it worked. So I was very happy.”

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