Monday Night Raw is live from Madison Square Gardens for the first time in years! “Stone Cold” Steve Austin moderates the Universal Championship contract signing.
*Glass Breaks*
The biggest crowd pop I’ve heard in a long time as Steve Austin kicks off the show and I get nostalgia goosebumps like you wouldn’t believe.
Michael Cole says “All is right in the world again. Stone Cold Steve Austin is on Monday Night Raw in front of a sold out Madison Square Gardens” damn right!
Stone Cold shares some legendary memories about him in MSG. Apparently it’s been 20 years since he’s been in the Garden. What the hell? Whole lotta Austin tees in the crowd.

Austin calls for Braun Strowman to come sign the contract. He wants to shake Austin’s hand but Stone Cold isn’t having it. Instead he calls down the Universal Champion Seth Freakin Rollins. Stone Cold shakes both of their hands.
Right after Rollins and Strowman sign the contract AJ Styles and The OC interrupt the signing. AJ is here to insult Stone Cold. Not wise. This red hot crowd is doing their best to drown out AJ with What and Asshole chants. This is fantastic!
Rollins and Strowman jump The OC and it leaves AJ alone in the ring with Austin. You know what that means….STUNNER ON STYLES! HELL YEAH!
After the break we get to our first match.

Match #1: Singles Match
Cedric Alexander v United States Champion AJ Styles
AJ just took a Stone Cold Stunner. How is this fair? For another week Cedric impresses.
Just as Cedric was getting the the upper hand out come The OC.

Match End: Cedric Alexander wins via DQ
Just as The OC were about to take out Alexander The Viking Raiders music hits and they come down and take out The OC (finally a feud for them!) and help out Cedric.
Roman Reigns comes out to talk about the platform he vowed to use to raise awareness for the fight against cancer. He brings out a few amazing kids who have fought cancer. Pretty touching.
Match #2: Tag Team Match
Raw Womans Champion Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair v SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley & Sasha Banks
The WWE 4 Horsewomen all in the same match again. Literally the backbone of the whole “Womens Revolution” (sorry Paige and Bellas) facing each other.
Becky and Charlotte don’t wait for them to get into the ring and start a brawl. Clear it up in the commercial.
In the beginning of this match the winner seems to be an article on ESPN. Not sure Cole could talk about it a little more. Thankfully the rest of this match is a classic. PPV calibre match.
Match End: Charlotte Flair pins Bayley for the win. What an absolute classic! Wow!
After a recap of the start of the show (a hour ago) The OC are interviewed backstage and are interrupted by Roode & Ziggler. Didn’t hey just ask to join The OC?
Match #3: Singles Match
Rey Mysterio v Gran Metalik
Lucha Libre! The commentary crew finally putting some respect on Gran Metalik. What better place than MSG to showcase.
Mysterio almost got his neck broken tonight…yikes. Still going though. Legend!
Match End: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall. Respect is shown after. Good match.
Street Profits hype Clash of Champions the only way they can. With yelling. It’s getting better.
Match #4: King of the Ring Semi-Final Triple Threat Match:
Samoa Joe v Baron Corbin v Ricochet
Buckle up, time for another PPV calibre match at MSG!
The crowd is jacked for this match and the wrestlers are feeding off of it. What a night!
Match End: Baron Corbin pins Samoa Joe after Ricochet hits Joe is a 630 splash and Corbin chucks Ricochet into the crowd. Baron Corbin advances to the finals of the King of the Ring. Makes the most sense for him to win at this point.
Match 5: Singles Match
Lacey Evans v Natalya
I’ll say it again, super aggressive Natalya is the best.
A CM Punk chant spins up and is quickly booed away. C’mon MSG…don’t hijack.
Match End: Natalya forces Lacey to submit with the Sharpshooter.
There’s no way to describe the FireFly Funhouse. Always so disturbing and entertaining. Can’t take your eyes off of it. This episode seems to be a warning for a old friend…
Main Event: 10-man Tag Team Match
Viking Raiders & Cedric Alexander & Raw Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman & Universal Champion Seth Rollins v Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler & Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson & United States Champion AJ Styles
There’s so many guys in the match they started the entrances during the break.
Multiperson matches are just a sit back and watch the finishers matches. Not sure the point of this one, but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. Sadly they lost the crowd after the triple threat match.
The wave is awful.
Seth is now fighting the crowd trying to get them focused on the match and not themselves. Seems to be working for now.
Match End: Cedric Alexander pins AJ Styles!
The second the match ends Stone Cold’s music hits and Austin runs to the ring! He’s here to celebrate with the faces! Beers for everyone! So much beer all over the place!
Oh Hell Yeah!

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