Natalya and Lacey Evans made history on Wednesday afternoon at WWE Crown Jewel, competing in Saudi Arabia’s first ever women’s professional wrestling match. Fans in Riyadh, the nation’s capital, were expectedly eager and excited to witness the bout first-hand, with loud chants of appreciation throughout the match.

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The action itself was interesting, as there was a clear directive to tone down anything that might be considered violent, which was likely a concession WWE agreed to so that the Saudi officials allowed them to put on the historic match. There were no punches or strikes thrown.

The two worked a solid and friendly, competitive wrestling match of mostly holds, counters and exchanges, with the most physical moments coming from a few dropkicks and a spinning lariat from Natalya at the end.

Natalya ultimately won with the Sharpshooter, which made sense given that Evans’ finisher is literally a closed-fist punch to the face (and somewhat ironically named the “Women’s Right”). After it was over the two were clearly very emotional, embracing in the ring before celebrating at ringside with some of the fans.