Baron Corbin was seemingly pegged for a bright future in WWE. He won the Money in the Bank briefcase and was involved in a feud with John Cena at SummerSlam this year. Naturally, when he lost the briefcase and match against Cena in one week before being phased out of the main event scene, some were quick to accuse Cena of stopping Corbin’s momentum. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter later claimed that Cena was not responsible for the end of Corbin’s push, but the reason for it was actually due to a different incident that happened backstage at a WWE show. We now know a little bit more on what exactly the issue that Corbin was involved in was.
PWInsider has reported a new story on why Corbin’s push may have been halted. Despite early rumors of Corbin having heat with John Cena or other members of the roster due to his backstage attitude or tweets that he posts, the Wrestling Observer reported that his recent losses were due to something else, but they did not specify what the exact incident was. It appears as though the choice to remove the spotlight from Baron Corbin as a main eventer in WWE was caused due to a recent incident that he had with WWE’s medical staff. The incident did enough damage that WWE decided to take away his Money in the Bank briefcase not long after it happened.
Corbin allegedly had a very unpleasant meeting with the head of WWE’s Wellness Program, Joseph Maroon. Baron apparently got into a heated discussion with Maroon after he had informed ‘The Lone Wolf’ of his CTE records from his past in the NFL. Several key WWE officials were present for the meeting and they did not care for how Baron Corbin handled the situation when Maroon brought it up. The situation led to WWE not having as much faith in him as they did before and that is why he is currently in the position that he is in. Baron Corbin now seems to be preparing for a feud with AJ Styles for the United States Championship.

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