— Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Universal title at a house show on Saturday in Winnipeg, MB against Sheamus of all people. We’re told the reason Lesnar appeared at this live event is because he only lives a few hours away in Maryfield, SK.

— Bobby Heenan’s funeral took place this past Friday and was limited to only close friends and family. Among wrestling personalities, it was attended by Jim Brunzell, Brian Blair, Steve Keirn, Ed Leslie, Kerwin Silfies, Mickie Jay Henson, Gerald Brisco, Bruce Prichard and Mike and Karen Tenay.

— Smackdown this coming Tuesday will be going head-to-head against the Yankees vs. Twins MBL playoff game. With Raw now head-to-head against Monday Night Football, both shows are expected to suffer in ratings/viewership this week and in the case of Raw, all through the rest of 2017.