Two of the biggest stars in all of WWE today have mysteriously vanished from WWE events. AJ Styles is currently the WWE Champion and is seen as one of the top stars on the Smackdown brand while Roman Reigns has long been positioned as the top full time competitor in the entire company. Styles is still involved in a top feud with Shinsuke Nakamura and Reigns is now beginning a program against Jinder Mahal on Raw. Given how much star power each one of them carry, it may have seemed a bit odd that neither man appeared on WWE shows this past week. Fortunately, fans should not expect to see the two competitors missing in action for much longer.
Contrary to some reports claiming that the two top WWE athletes may be injured or involved with other projects, both men missed some WWE live events recently for completely different reasons. According to the Wrestling Observer, both men are still set to miss the live events for their respective brands this weekend, but they are both simply a result of both wrestlers requesting that time off. Even though it may seem rare for stars such as Reigns and Styles to be off the road, they will be back in the ring later on this week. The report indicated that Reigns and Styles will likely appear on Raw and Smackdown this week respectively before going right back to their normal schedules.
Rey Mysterio has once again managed to become a huge commodity in professional wrestling. Rather than sign exclusively with just one promotion, Mysterio has managed to garner the attention of just about every major wrestling organization around. Mysterio has worked with New Japan Pro Wrestling, WWE, and several other promotions located within Mexico, the UK, and the United States over the past year. Rey Mysterio will now be appearing for AAA in Plaza de Toros “La Monumental” in Monterrey. Verano de Escandalo. He faces Dr. Wagner Jr. for the Mega Campeonato. Be sure to check out the huge event when it streams live on Twitch at 7pm ET later on tonight.

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