On Monday’s RAW, WWE aired a promo hyping the return of former Nexus leader Wade Barrett, who has been out of action since February due to injury. The promo, which showed a bearded Barrett unleashing havoc at a fight club, will air on WWE television through SummerSlam.

Barrett returned to action in a dark match prior to Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings from Houston, Texas and is currently overseas with the SmackDown brand for its weekend tour of Asia. He is expected to return to action after SummerSlam.

Originally, there was talk of Barrett returning at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view and winning a title contract, to be cashed in at SummerSlam. Those plans were decided against, however sources indicate Barrett is still in line for a run with one of WWE’s top titles later this year.

* Pictures of WADE BARRETT’s New Look – Now Sporting A Beard

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)