– Haku’s son Donny Marlow debuted on Superstars last week as the mystery man alongside Hunico. He is seen to have potential, but at 33 years old, he’s not that young any more and WWE felt its time to take the training wheels off already.

– Seth Rollins is going on the road with WWE next week. He’s seen as the FCW star with the most potential, despite not being as polished as they’d like. The hope is that he learns to connect with the crowds better after getting experience working live events.

– While Seth Rollins is viewed as the developmental wrestler with the most upside right now, Dean Ambrose is right behind him and is a more well-rounded talent. Ambrose can talk and is a better worker than many of WWE’s main eveners.

– With CM Punk and and Daniel Bryan’s recent success as well as the potential of Rollins and Ambrose, the stigma behind being an “indy” worker is not as bad as it was even six months ago.

* PICTURE of CHRIS JERICHO, SAMOA JOE, Bully Ray & Christian Together

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)