Heard about London’s ‘sky pool’ yet? Basically a regular 25m swimming pool suspended between two apartment blocks 10 storeys up, it will form part of a new development near the former Battersea power station.


It’s expected to be ready for action in 2018, and will be entirely transparent and structure free – the only thing stopping all that water from plummeting to Earth will be 20cm of glass.

Not sure if we’d be brave enough to ‘float through the air in central London’ like the developers promise, we decided to take a look at the rest of the world’s biggest, most beautiful and most unusual pools:

Shangri-la Shard, London

There are plenty of height-based superlatives to enjoy atop Europe’s tallest tower, not least for triathletes the continent’s highest swimming pool – 52 stories high. Be grateful it’s not suspended in mid-air…