WNXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II
January 12, 2019
Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Empress Ballroom

Eddie Dennis vs. Trent Seven

Dennis rushed his opponent in the corner as soon as the bell rang, but ran straight into a thunderous powerbomb. After rolling to the floor to collect himself and shake out the cobwebs, he managed to take Seven to the mat with some big powerslams and a vertical suplex. Seven ducked a lariat and folded him up on the back of his neck with a snap dragon suplex, before diving through the ropes with a suicide dive. Dennis tried to beg off, but took a snap dragon on the floor for good measure. Ouch.

After a beat, Seven ended up trying for the Seven Star Lariat a few too many times, and Dennis caught him with a spinning sit-out uranage slam. He followed with a nasty forearm smash, but Seven gave one right back and hit a modified Emerald Flowsion. Both guys ended up fighting on the top rope, and somehow the top turnbuckle ended up getting removed in the scuffle. Seven delivered a superplex, but only got a two-count. He sets up for the lariat again, but Dennis ducks it and sends him into the exposed turnbuckle.

Dennis with a villainous look on his face. He set up for a Razor’s Edge looking to drill his opponent into the turnbuckle again, but the referee got in between them and threatened to throw the match out. Instead, Dennis just hurled Seven over the ropes to the floor, crashing awkwardly neck-first into the barricade. OH. MY. GOD. Wasting zero time, he went to the outside, threw Seven’s barely conscious and broken body back into the ring, hit the Neck Stop Driver, and made the cover.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match
Click Here: soccer jacketsKay Lee Ray (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven

Niven dominated early on as the fight spilled to the floor. She slammed both opponents into opposite barricades and delivered a duet of explosive cannonball splashes, before rolling Storm back in the ring and delivering a running senton for two. She followed with a running crossbody, but got up and turned around right into a superkick from the champion. Storm hit Kay Lee with an exploder suplex, but wasn’t able to make a cover. She tried to German suplex Niven but couldn’t get her up, but after another superkick from the champ she got her over for the big slam. Niven was unshook, popping up and hitting both ladies with big back suplexes.

Kay Lee was the first to find a foreign object, retreating a steel chair from under the ring. She wrapped it around Toni’s neck and toyed with the fans for a bit, until Viper came out of nowhere and sent her flying with a Pounce. They ended up fighting to the outside again and Storm came through the ropes with a suicide dive into a crossbody, taking out the champion. Piper followed off the apron with a running cannonball, taking them both out. She threw Storm back into the ring and delivered a huge sit-down powerbomb, but Kay Lee came off the top rope with a Swanton Bomb to break up the pin.

Piper nearly KO’d the champ with nasty elbow strikes. The Michinoki Driver found its mark, but Kay Lee kicked out at two-and-three-quarters, bringing the fans into a frenzy with loud dueling chants. Ray was the first to her first and somehow managed to get Piper up on her back to deliver the Gory Bomb, nearly winning the match, but Storm rolled into the ring and grabbed the referee’s hand before he could count the three. No DQ! She immediately dropped the champ with Storm Zero, but Piper broke it up. She tried for Storm Zero on Piper, but turned it into a Pedigree of sorts. Up to the top and a frog splash connects, but Kay Lee takes out Storm with a superkick and steals her pinfall. It’s over.

Winner & Still Champion: Kay Lee Ray


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