Now London Triathlon’s been and gone, we’re well past the midway point for the 2015 UK triathlon season – it’s time to start lining up some autumn and winter duathlons.


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The 2015 Human Race Off-Road Series will begin with the WildMan, bringing some testing trail racing to the military range of Ash Ranges near Aldershot, Hampshire on Saturday 21st November. The organisers say it will present a gruelling, undulating course that “does not relent”. Trail runners can choose from 10km or 15km options, with a duathlon (10km run, 18km bike, 5km run) also available.

Next up on Saturday 5 December is IceMan, held at the Army Training Ground in Frimley. The weather is likely to play its part, with it traditionally being treacherous underfoot and very muddy. Those who want to attempt the trail run can choose from 11km and 16km courses, whilst the duathlon will be a 10km run followed by 18km on the bike and a 5km run to finish.

The finale of the 2015/16 Human Race Off-Road Series will be MudMan on Saturday 5 March. The event returns to the Ministry of Defence in Camberley known for its hilly course and 50ft water section. Here you can choose from the duathlon (7.5km run, 15km cycle, 7.5km run) or from the 10km and 15km trail run courses.