source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Key people have already soured on Kizarny, who made his official WWE in-ring debut at last night’s SmackDown taping. Kizarny has been added to the list of people John Laurinaitis has heat on for backing. Kizarny had matches with MVP at house shows over the weekend where MVP was booked to control the whole match and then do a fluke loss to keep his losing streak alive. It was described internally as the perfect example of having someone win and buried at the same time.

— John Cena’s merchandise numbers for 2008 were the best of anyone in the history of the company with the exception of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin during his peak years. Cena’s numbers were also ahead of Hulk Hogan’s marks in the 1980s, although you have to take into account inflation, the numbers of items available at the time compared to now, as well as merchandise not being nearly as readily available as it is today.

— Reports out of Mexico are saying that Lucha libre star Dos Caras Jr. starts in the company next month at the Royal Rumble.

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