Paul Heyman has an upcoming reality show that follows the life of the former ECW owner as he works at his marketing agency called Looking4Larry. In an interview with The Wrap, Heyman said the show is completely unscripted and shows all of the problems his company is forced to solve on a daily basis. The article mentions that Heyman’s “ingeniously dysfunctional” approach to his job will be well-documented in the series.

“It’s the juggling act,” Heyman said of the show’s premise. “I’m a single parent looking to demonstrate to his children that you can work your ass off and have the time of your life doing it. I sleep two hours a night, so if I don’t keep busy, I end up getting myself in a lot of trouble.

“At least now if I get in trouble, it’ll make for good television,” Heyman concluded.

The pilot episode is currently being filmed in New York City.

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