Helmut Marko will always call a spade a spade, but Sergio Perez says he’s actually comfortable with the Red Bull motorsport boss’ brutally honest words on bad days.

Perez delivered to Red Bull its third win of the 2021 season at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and has so far contributed 104 points to the team’s 291 tally in the Constructors’ standings.

But the Mexican has also found himself on a few occasions on the receiving end of Marko’s blunt annoyance, especially at Imola where Perez’s strong display in qualifying, when he outpaced teammate Max Verstappen, was followed by an error-laden race on Sunday.

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“When I have a bad race, he will just tell me, and he will always tell you exactly what he thinks,” said Perez.

“It is something good I think for someone with my experience, with my career in Formula 1, with the career I’ve had.

“It’s good to have someone that tells you straight away what he’s thinking, and where you are.”

Like any driver, the 31-year-old doesn’t like having a bad day. But how the team responds to a driver’s setback is important insists the Mexican who has no issues with Red Bull’s unconcealed communication, private or public.

“They obviously have all the information and all the data weekend after weekend,” he said. “They know exactly where the driver’s laptime is.

“With Red Bull, there’s no holding back. So they are quite transparent with myself and with the media, which is good.

“But the most important thing is that I’m happy and I’m satisfied going home, weekend after weekend.

“That for me is the most important thing, you know. I’m a very hungry driver and I have to live with myself.”

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