WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne has been impressive since the inception of the WWE UK Tournament. He has gone on to gain and defend the WWE United Kingdom Championship and should be a sure thing to compete at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

WWE has posted a new video featuring Pete Dunne’s workouts in preparation for the big event, in which he has a killer back workout. Check out the video for more.

Luke Harper Speaks On Bludgeon Brothers, Acting, More

Chuck Carroll of CBS Local Sports recently sat down with WWE Superstar and one half of the Bludgeon Brothers, Luke Harper. Carroll talked to Harper about his roll in the film Mohawk, his injury, and the Bludgeon Brothers.

On his roll in Mohawk…

It was nerve-racking, and anxiety ridden,” he said of his character’s moral compass, “but I thought it was okay, and I enjoyed the character being different than what people expect.

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On his injury and if it affected filming…

“I had dislocated my patella [a few months earlier], and this was filmed in July, so I was in the middle of rehab at the time. So we’d film all day, and then I would head to the gym and do rehab at night. The knee brace was actually written in before I was sought out for the part. And so he said “Hey, would you mind wearing a knee brace and limping?” I said “No, no, that should be fine.”

On the Bludgeon Brothers….

“I just came from the minds of Rowan and myself and actually Vince McMahon. We were all tired of seeing ’em sit on the sidelines and put this together. And when Vince suggested that we carry giant mallets around, I was sold. I’ll tell you a little story. A couple weeks ago we had a match… and I messed up one of Rowan’s spots. We got to the back, and I apologized. He said “Hey, man, no problem.” And I watched it back, and he just waited his turn, and everything was better because of it. At that point, I knew, when he didn’t get mad at me, that maybe we were supposed to be together.”

On his future goals…

“Of course, and I had a run — a very small run — with the Intercontinental title that I would love to redo. And me and Rowan have never won the championship, so that’s at the forefront right now. Longterm, literally I wanna be able to support my wife and my two sons, and be happy. A world championship would definitely help that.”

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CBS Local Sports