– There were some obvious miscues and problems during the Standard Definition airing of WWE RAW last night. Heads were cut off during certain parts of the show and wrestlers disappeared off the screen when the camera should have highlighted the action. With last night being WWE’s first ever live High Definition broadcast, these problems were not completely unexpected.

– Loyal reader Michael Weaver sent this… During RAW, a commercial aired announcing that WWE returns to Indianapolis, Indiana and the Conseco Fieldhouse. A live episode of WWE RAW will take place on Monday, March 3. This will be the first of two WWE events taking place in Indianapolis as SummerSlam will be from the Fieldhouse in August.

– Anthony from Bridgeport, CT sent word that Cablevision still does not have USA HD available on their lineup so customers in the market were unable to watch WWE RAW in High Definition last night. A number of Comcast subscribers in certain areas have also contacted me with the same complaint.

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