It seems only fitting that in an event billed as one of the world’s toughest endurance races, the 10th aniversary of ÖtillÖ should see an epic battle to the finish.


220 Triathlon were out in Sweden following the events, as 120 teams took on the 26 islands and sea stretches making up Stockholm’s archipelago. In the men’s race, we saw a front group of teams play to their respective swim and run strengths putting on thrilling performances over the 75km swim-run course. Swedish team Addnature Osterjosimmet led for much of the race – no surprise as both members, Simon Borjeson and Rasmus Regnstrand, are experienced racers and used to training in tough conditions, recently completing a swim-run from Sweden to Finland!

Borjeson and Regnstrand completed the infamous 1.4km swim leg of the race against a strong current known as the ‘pig swim’ in just 23mins – a section that takes many competitors an hour. Occurring in the middle part of the race, when athletes have already been facing the gruelling trail runs and sea swims for five hours or more, it is notorious for throwing racers off course and sapping energy.

With a gap of 11mins at one point on the course, Borjeson and Regnstrand were looking strong for the win, however the second part of the race focusses more on trail running, with one section from Orno to Angsholmen totalling almost half marathon distance. With both the 2014 and 2013 race winners on their heels, nothing was certain and in the end it was the other team’s running strength that saw them clinch the victory.

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