This weeks post OTL RAW starts with ‘In Memory of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage 1952-2011′ with a picture above it of the iconic Savage.

Music and pyro.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler comes out to his music, crown held high as Josh talks about King being all smiles today after making Cole kiss his sweaty foot at OTL last night. King says he doesn’t want to take too much time before the show starts, but he wants to say our long national nightmare is over. Michael Cole has been beaten. “Jerry” chants fill the arena. King says he knew Cole would try to weasel out of kissing his foot, so he had an ace up his sleeve. Actually it was a Hart up his sleeve. King announces Bret Hart who comes out to the ring to HUGE pop. Josh is talking up King and Bret, talking down Cole.

Bret gets the cheap pop for Portland. It always makes him happy to be back on RAW. Over the years Lawler and he have had their differences. He always respected Lawler for being the competitor he is. Like everyone else on the planet he has no respect for Cole. He was happy to help Cole with the agony of defeat – if you get what he means.

R-Truth cuts Bret off, then comes out talking about what an honor it is to see Hart. He can’t believe his eyes. Bret must be 90 times WWE Champion? R-Truth yells at the fans to shut up. Tells Bret to not listen to them, they have no home training. R-Truth says he’s been in zero Title matches. He might not care about the Little Jimmies like Bret did. He rapped, but didn’t give them anything. Bret, help him help Bret to help him. He takes Bret’s glasses, then says he needs to find a little Jimmy. Bret takes something out of his jacket pocket and puts it in his pants pocket. R-Truth puts Bret’s glasses on a boy in the front row. He now deserves a Title shot, takes the glasses and back into the ring. “You suck!” chants.

R-Truth thought wins and losses didn’t matter if you gave to the fans. He beat up JoMo, then Rey last night. Actions speaks louder than words. Maybe if he beats up on a HOFer, then maybe he’ll get a shot.

Bret says to try it, but he got his shots because he’s the best there is, the best there was, best there ever will be. R-Truth’s not getting the shot because he’s a freaking lunatic. R-Truth leaves the ring saying he won’t be disrespected.

Cena’s music and out he comes, limping a bit, but strap around his waist. Cena grabs a mic, then into the ring. He tells R-Truth to hold on one second, come on back. “Cena” chants. R-Truth back in the ring. Cena thinks it’s time they have a little talk. Cena says he’s beaten up a bit, but is as excited to see Bret back in a WWE ring. Bret gives Cena props and they have small talk. Cena says back to the lunatic. He’s been dealing with Miz and doesn’t know when R-Truth went crazy. They used to be cool. R-Truth says Cena doesn’t know cool or R-Truth. R-Truth says this whole conspiracy thing is about Cena. These people make sure it’s all about Cena! Huge pop.

Cena says he makes sure it’s all about these people. R-Truth tells them to shut up. Then why does everyone have to get Cena merch! R-Truth says the truth is he never liked Cena. Cena and Hart are the same, a propaganda tool designed to make the fans feel good. R-Truth doesn’t care about the people or how they feel. It’s all about R-Truth! He won’t feel right until he gets his shot. Cena says he’s broken up from last night, but someone needs to know some sense into R-Truth.

Ding-Ding! Josh up to the podium. He says the RAW GM says – R-Truth you’ve been impressive, but I need to see more before he gets a WWE Championship match. He’ll be watching the main event tag match between R-Truth and Punk against Cena and Rey. The Special Guest Ref will be Bret Hart.

R-Truth leaves the ring, heads up the ramp, but then turns back to look. Bret went and gave the glasses to the kid, then Cena joins him and they shake hands.

Big Show and Kane are backstage talking. Big Show sits on the side of a convertible and it Sags really far. They’re talking about how Nexus runs together and they have to watch for the pack. Ricardo shows up babbling in Spanish about Big Show and Kane by the car. Big Show pushes Ricardo away and to the floor. Alberto Del Rio comes up and goes off on them in Spanish. Kane and Big Show leave. Alberto pulls Ricardo up by his collar roughly as he keeps going on and on in Spanish.

– Commercial

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Kane & Big Show (c) vs. McGillicutty & Otunga w/ Nexus

Kane and Big Show out to the ring. Nexus out to face them. Punk and Ryan at announce.

Otunga in to face Kane, but eats upper cuts and a snap mare. Otunga out, then back in and attacks Kane as he enters. Kane pulls Otunga out and nails and upper cut, then slams Otunga into the apron. Big Show tags in and on Otunga who rushes to tag out.

Big Show on McGillicutty with blows in a corner. Big slap to McGillicutty’s chest drops him to the mat. Big Show stands a foot on the back of McGillicutty’s head. McGillicutty slammed to the mat, then clotheslined from the ring. Kane tags in as Nexus regroups outside the ring.

– Commercial

Otunga tags in and takes over for McGillicutty choking Kane. Otunga chokes Kane on the ropes, then hangs Kane up on the second rope. McGillicutty tags in and keeps working Kane’s head and neck as Punk talks about beating up Cena and Rey. Kane punches free, but takes a drop kick to the knee. McGillicutty with more kicks on Kane’s knee. Otunga tags in and drops Kane to the match for two. Chinlock on Kane on the mat as Ryan cheers him on. Kane to his feet and free with blows on Otunga. Otunga runs the ropes, then into a big boot. Kane struggles and both tag out.

Clotheslines to McGillicutty, then whipped and back splatted in a corner. Ryan in, but Kane clotheslines him free of the ring, hitting the ref for a big bump in the process. Big Show grabs both Otunga and McGillicutty, but Punk is up and kicks Big Show in the back of the head from the apron. Double DDT on Big Show and he pins Big Show for three.

Winners & new Tag Team Champions – Otunga & McGillicutty

Punk grabs the rest of Nexus and the straps to flee up the ramp before the monsters could gather together and realize what happened. Kane and Big Show are pissed!

– Commercial

King shows the Capitol Punishment poster with Obama on it flanked by Rey and Cena.

Video of Orton at a Walmart signing of his movie, and the message of the movie.

Video of Kane and Big Show losing to Nexus, illegally. King says he didn’t think it was a plan, but Nexus getting lucky.

Scott Stanford is with Kane and Big Show. Big Show punches a wall, then goes crazy screaming at Scott. Alberto runs up, slaps Big Show, then flees. Kane suns after them, but by the time Kane gets there Big Show has been ‘hit’ by Alberto’s sexy convertible. The car’s front tire was on Big Show’s right knee. Big Show is screaming and writhing in pain. He pushes off the EMTs, tries to get to his feet with Kane’s help and crumbling. The cutest thing is Kane holding Big Show’s hand as if they’re family, in a relationship, the closest of friends. It was a pretty cool moment.

– Commercial

They’re still trying to work on Big Show’s knee, Kane right by his side. They try to get him up. He wants room to breathe, but can’t put any pressure on the leg, the whole time saying that he’s fine! They want Big Show to sit on the stretcher, but he said he’s not having it. Kane is right there at Big Show’s side through it all.

Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Swagger out to the ring, pushups on the ramp, then into the ring. Evan out to face him, all smiles.

Swagger on Evan’s knee, but then into head scissors, but Evan runs into a big boot. Swagger stomps and drops elbows. Evan slammed to the mat hard for two. Arm hold on Evan who can’t get free. Evan gets free and Josh and King talk about how strong Swagger is. Swagger misses his splash, but can’t get his hands on Evan. Swagger counters head scissors and drops Evan. Evan out of the ankle lock, but Swagger grabs Evan and slams him to the mat hard for three.

Winner – Swagger

Swagger celebrates by running the ring, but then he runs right into Evan’s flying foot. Evan runs up the ramp as Swagger slams around, totally pissed that Evan got the better of him.

Backstage Cole is walking with his head hung low. The Divas look at Cole and laugh. Cole extends his hand to Eve, she extends her foot. He walks off as King thinks Cole is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Josh and King are all smiles about Cole coming out to the ring. They go on to talk about Rocky’s movie, Fast Five.

Justin then announces Cole who gets huge heat and has no music. Cole comes out looking like he’s about to cry. King actually comments about Cole looking like he’s going to cry. “You suck toe!” chants fill the arena. Cole over to announce and asks for their attention – They right, he doesn’t deserve their attention. It’s not about Cole and never should have been about Cole. He’s out to put this all behind them. He’s apologizing to King, Josh, Justin, Mark, the timekeeper. To all in Portland and all watching at home. From his reprehensible behavior the past couple months. He wants to come home, to do what he was hired to do, commentary by King. No more Cole Mines, no more matches between them. He begs everyone to accept his apology. He really, really, really means it.

King to his feet says it all sounds really good to him. Thanks Cole for coming out and apologizing. But also for giving King the picture for his Christmas card – Cole covered in BBQ sauce eating King toe. King then gives Cole breath mints. Cole says he deserves that. Cole takes them and goes to sit on the other side of Josh.

Miz comes out to the ring, suit unbuttoned, A-Ri in tow. King is goading Cole about Miz’s loss. King says that match was a masterpiece last night. “You quit!” chants greet Miz. Miz says there’s only one reason he didn’t win the WWE Championship last night. That reason is A-Ri. This has been habitual. At Extreme Rules A-Ri forgot who he worked for. The rematch and Miz won it back, then A-Ri happened. Video of A-Ri exposing Miz’s cheating. Last night at OTL their plan worked to perfection until A-Ri screwed it up again. A-Ri was thrown through announce. Miz appeals to the RAW GM for another chance. A one on one Title Match against Cena with A-Ri banned from ringside. Miz will wait for his reply. Nothing! Cena wasn’t in a handicap match night, Miz was. The RAW GM needs to email and make this match official. Nothing. Everyone knows Miz should be Champ right now. He won’t leave this ring until the GM makes the match!

Ding-Ding! Josh over and says the GM says – Miz, I heard your request for another Championship match is denied. You lost last night and you’re done with Cena.

Miz isn’t impressed and turns to A-Ri. Miz says it’s all A-Ri’s fault. If not for A-Ri he’d be Champion right now. Miz calls A-Ri a useless waste of space. A-Ri says he wasn’t the one who said ‘I quit!’ “You quit” chants. Miz is pissed and slaps A-Ri. Miz gave A-Ri a personal service contract. Without Miz A-Ri wouldn’t be in the WWE. A-Ri rode his coattail to the main event at WM. A-Ri’s been disappointment after disappointment. Miz is done with A-Ri and fired! A-Ri starts bowing up at Miz. Miz hits A-Ri across the face but A-Ri comes back to beat the hell out of Miz, ripping his suit and shirt off Miz. Miz sent flying the length of announce, then to the floor. A-Ri grabs Miz up and slams him on announce, then back into the ring. “Riley!” chants. A-Ri yells that he did everything for Miz. A-Ri slams Miz to the mat, then looks down on Miz. A big boot to Miz’s head before A-Ri leaves the ring to Miz with a huge welt under his arm.

– Commercial

Maryse & Melina & Nikki & Brie vs. Kelly Kelly & Beth & Eve & Gail Kim

The heels out to the ring, then the faces out to face them.

Kelly takes a Bella down hard! Bulldog, then slamming the Bella’s face to the mat over and over until Kharma’s laughter starts. Kharma comes out to the stage and stares down at the ring. All the Divas into the ring, waiting for Kharma. To the ring and Kharma removes her huge shoulder pads. Up on the apron, then into the ring. The Divas all circle Kharma. Kharma slowly turns and looks at them all. Kharma drops to her knees shaking, crying. She looks around to all the Divas and she starts rocking as she’s crying and shaking. Kharma’s talking to herself, lips barely moving, then she looks back up at the Divas around her.

– Commercial

Video recap of Kharma’s breakdown in the ring – actual tears!

WWE Slam Of The Week – Three weeks ago at Extreme Rules, Table Match for the IC Title. Kofi managed to defeat Sheamus, leg dropping Sheamus through a table.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

Kofi comes bouncing out in green and yellow. Drew stalks out to face Kofi.

Drew backs Kofi into a corner. Upper cut to Kofi, then a blow to Kofi’s head. Kofi and Drew run the ropes, leapfrogging each other back and forth in a beautiful display until a botch and Kofi didn’t make it over Drew’s head and landed wrong. Drew on Kofi’s left knee where Kofi was favoring. Elbow drops, then a stomp on that left knee. Drew out of the ring wraps Kofi’s knee around the ringpost. Drew locks a figure four leg lock on Kofi around the ringpost, Drew’s back on the floor!

In the ring Drew pins for two, then kicks Kofi in the head. Heat for Drew from the fans, then back on Kofi’s knee, but Kofi kicks Drew in the back of the head. Slaps to Drew, then a Russian leg sweep to Drew. Kofi somehow hits the boom drop on Drew. Kofi can’t hit trouble in paradise as his knee gives out. Drew tries to grab the win but can’t. Kofi up on Drew, blows to Drew’s head. Drew almost drops Kofi, but manages to power bomb Kofi to the mat for two. Blows on Kofi in a corner. Kofi manages to climb all over Drew, then take him down hard for three.

Winner – Kofi

Backstage a back to blond Dolph and his partner Vickie watch on a monitor! Thank goodness Dolph is back to his edgy blond hair!

King talks about Obama holding a press conference for Capitol Punishment. King to a dream sequence of a press conference with Obama answering questions that weren’t asked. King thinks Obama would be a great Superstar! They’ve invited all the suits in DC to the event.

Backstage Nexus is celebrating their Tag Titles.

– Commercial

Be A Star promo from a couple of Superstars.

Recap of Big Show being run over by Ricardo in Alberto’s car.

Scott with Alberto. Alberto says Big Show brought this on himself. It’s not his fault, it’s Ricardo. He’s an idiot! Alberto stalks off yelling in Spanish. Cole says Big Show has been taken to a medical facility there in Portland.

King then says they all got some bad news. King knew Savage well and what a great man he was. What a great Superstar Savage was.

Video tribute to Macho Man. Just beautiful. You just have to watch it. I’m very impressed that whatever animosity there was between Savage and VKM was set aside for that wonderful moment for that fabulous Superstar! The video ended to the fans going wild for Savage, as it should be.

– Commercial

Main Event – R-Truth & CM Punk vs. John Cena & Rey Mysterio w/ Special Guest Ref – Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Bret Hart’s music and he comes out in his jorts and a ref shirt. The fans love him. King talks about calling Bret to help him last night, even though they’ve never really been on the same page. Cole says he’ll never get the taste of King’s foot out of his mouth. King jumped right on Cole for trying to make this about Cole again. R-Truth comes out to no music. Cole talks up R-Truth saying what he thinks and Josh is agreeing with Cole. King says R-Truth has flipped his lid. Punk comes out to join R-Truth, wearing pink and yellow! Rey out in black and gray to face them. Rey gives a black mask to a young fan, then touched heads with other young fans on his way to the ring. Rey poses on a corner, then Cena’s music hits. Cena’s still not walking perfectly, but comes out with a salute, then to the ring. Raising his strap high brings a grimace to his face, but he tries to loosen up. Off comes the dogtags.

R-Truth and Cena start. Cena ducks R-Truth, then on him with a hip toss, then sends R-Truth out over the top. Punk out to check on R-Truth by the barrier.

– Commercial

Punk on Cena with blows and elbows in a corner. R-Truth gets the fans going for Punk as Rey adjusts his mask. Bulldog on Punk, then Punk hides behind Bret who has to pry Punk’s hands off him. Cheap shot on Cena, then R-Truth tags in. R-Truth on Cena hard with blows, then whips Cena for two. Dueling chants for Cena.

Big blow from R-Truth drops Cena for two. Punk tags in and kicks Cena in the gut as R-Truth hold him. Side Russian leg sweep on Cena for two. Power slam to Cena, then Punk up on a corner, taunting Bret, then drops a knee on Cena, but Punk thinks Bret counts too slowly. R-Truth yelling for Punk and the fans to chant. The chant turns into, “CM Punk” and then another group of fans yelling, “SUCKS!”

Cena reaches for Rey as Rey reaches, but Punk slams Cena into the heel corner. R-Truth tags in and nails Cena with a high knee. Suplex on Cena from R-Truth for two. R-Truth up in Bret’s face for a slow count, Bret right back in R-Truth’s face. Cena whipped but gets a foot up into R-Truth’s face. R-Truth makes it to Punk, but Cena not to Rey. Punk picks up Cena, walks to the center of the ring, then nails a backbreaker on Cena. Cena grabs Punk’s ankle and goes for the STF, but Punk kicks out and Cena in the heel corner. Cena up for the GTS, but Cena counters with a DDT. Cena punches Punk to get free, then tags out.

Rey in off the top with a seated senton, then head scissors send Punk flying. Rey up, but Punk rolls through and eats a low drop kick from Rey! Rey pins but R-Truth breaks it up. Cena in, gets R-Truth up, but R-Truth reverses and sends Cena face first to the mat. Rey nails R-Truth with a drop kick to the back, landing R-Truth in 619 territory, but Punk grabs Rey. Rey up for the GTS, but reverses into head scissors and sends Punk into 619 territory. 619 to Punk, then Punk up for a blow from Bret! Bret locks the sharpshooter on Punk! Rey off the springboard with a leg drop on Punk. Rey pins Punk while Bret counts the three.

Winner – Cena & Rey!

Cole says Bret has ruined the past 24 hours of his life. Cena and Rey raise their hands, then Cena grabs one hand as Rey grabs the other and they raise Bret’s hands. Big hug between Cena and Hart. More celebrating for Cena, Rey and Bret.

Biggest pop
‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage
Bret Hart
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Biggest heat
Michael Cole

Most mixed
John Cena
Alex Riley