This week’s previously taped RAW starts with video of Cena’s recruited team. Then it went to the RAW team Nexus faced last Monday. Wade said Cena’s team is showing cracks. The problems between R-Truth and Morrison last week. The problems between Edge and Khali. Jericho hitting a code breaker on Cena. Jericho said he’s going after Cena after SummerSlam. Walls on Cena. Khali out and saved Cena. Spear to Khali from Edge. Morrison and R-Truth out and they all argued and fought.

Music and pyro.

Edge out to the ring. Edge grabs a mic, gets heat. He says he tried. But things became crystal clear and he has to go with his gut. He has to listen to himself. Case in point, after the RR he came back and listened to the fans and they let him down. Just like his SummerSlam team has let him down, fell apart in front of him. He doesn’t respect Cena, or trust Jericho. He has no faith in Khali. He barely knows R-Truth and Morrison. That’s why he has to do things his way. Nexus needs to be taken down. They’ve wreaked havoc since the first night they came into RAW. He has to do things his way, that’s why tonight, he challenges Wade Barrett, one on one. He doesn’t want anyone coming down and sticking their nose in it. He’s not going to let anyone say anything and that’s how it should have been from the get go.

R-Truth’s music cuts Edge off. He comes out, not singing, limping. Edge says he didn’t want anyone down there, what part didn’t he understand? He has a question for Edge. Does he really think challenging Wade will squash anything. This is much bigger than that. Edge says he knows, but he doesn’t want to listen to Cena… R-Truth says Edge doesn’t want to listen. Fine, don’t listen to Cena, but Edge will listen to R-Truth. Edge has been in tons of matches, all kids of matches. How many times has he had to fight for everything? Everything. They’re fighting for what they love to do! Their lifestyles, their friends, their families. For the WWE Universe! It’s us, it’s we. We need to fight together or Nexus wins. As simple as that. Edge needs to stop thinking about himself and pull his head out of his rear end. That’s the truth! The fans love him. Edge says it’s clever, but his version of the truth. How do you kill a snake? Cut its head off. He’s taking Wade out. So is R-Truth going to leave his ring, or will Edge have to spear him out?

Ding-Ding! Cole calls for attention and gets heat. Up to his podium. “If this is what Edge wants, then the GM will honor his request. Will R-Truth please exit the ring? Edge will face Wade Barrett of Nexus. That will be next.” R-Truth tells Edge good luck, he’s on his own. R-Truth leaves the ring.

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Edge paces in the ring, waiting. Wade Barrett comes staling out by himself.

Edge Vs. Wade Barrett
They lock up. Knees to Edge’s gut and Wade beats Edge into a corner. Wade it whipped, gets his feet up, but Edge slides under and pulls Wade’s feet out from under him. Edge hangs Wade up on the top rope. Edge back in and continues beating on Wade. Wade whipped, Edge spears Wade in the corner. Edge pins for two. They get back running the ropes and Edge runs into a bog boot. Edge on the apron and Wade nails with another big boot. Wade goes outside and slams Edge head first into the apron a couple times. Wade rolls Edge back in and stomps on him. Wade chokes Edge on the second rope. Edge on the apron and Wade chokes Edge on the bottom rope. Wade pins Edge for two. Chinlock on Edge in the center of the ring. Edge works his way to his feet and elbows out.

They both rush each other and take each other down with well timed clotheslines. Both down for five. Edge punches on Wade, then a flying forearm. Reversals, back and forth, then Edge slams Wade back to the mat for two. Edge starts to climb, but Wade grabs him the way he got Henry up a few weeks ago. Edge reverses it into a DDT. Edge sets Wade up for the spear. Edge rushed Wade who slides out of the ring to avoid the move. Wade climbs the stairs and motions with his hands. Nexus rushes in, but Edge flees into the stands. Nexus stay at ringside as Edge stares down at them all. Edge leaves.

Winner – No Contest

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Backstage Edge is trying to find Cena. No one knows. Finally Edge finds Cena and demands to know where he was. Edge was out there on his own, fighting for his life. Cena was no where to be found. Cena said he did what Edge said, so he was back there. The only way they have a chance with Nexus is seven on seven. Edge said to have good luck with that, because they’ll be doing it without him. Edge said he quits.

Edge stomps off, but Jericho comes up behind Cena with a smirk. Cena finally notices Jericho. He guesses that Jericho’s quitting too? Jericho says Cena doesn’t get it. If anyone needs to quit it’s Cena. If there’s anyone is as much of a problem as Nexus, it‘s Cena. If Jericho’s team has a chance of winning at SummerSlam it’s if Cena quit. If he lives and breathes for WWE the way he says he does week in and week out, he needs to quit. If he doesn’t, then Jericho will make him quit. Why don’t they go out there one on one, loser leaves the team. Cena says they’re doing the exact opposite of what they need to do. Nexus is laughing at them right now. You don’t see a Nexus versus Nexus match out there, loser leave Nexus! They just had a guy walk out. Jericho said yes, one. Cena says if that’s what Cena wants, fine! Cena walks off.

King and Cole talk about how Cena’ team is falling apart.

SummerSlam recall – MSG, 1991 – Mr. Perfect versus Bret Hart. Hennig’s ring gear was ripped up. Hart kicked out, then took out Hennig’s manager and locked on the sharpshooter for the three.

Backstage Khali and Morrison are hanging. Morrison talked of the Magnificent Seven and said if the seven don’t work together they don’t stand a chance. Singh translated, then said there’s also the Seven Dwarfs. Morrison said to Khali, suit himself. Good luck facing DiBiase. Morrison left. Singh fled when Tarver and Otunga came up. Tarver says they want to get it straight. They didn’t attack Khali last week because they don’t attack people they respect. Otunga says if Khali loses, Cena’s looking to replace him if he loses to DiBiase tonight. Tarver said that their door’s always open. They left and Singh told Khali to think about this.

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Gail Kim in blue, Eve in a darker blue and Natalya in the obligatory black and pink. Alicial Fox’s music. She comes out in black and silver, Jillian in blue and Tamina in all black.

Gail Kim, Eve & Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox, Jillian & Tamina
Jillian and Kim start. Jillian slams her down by her hair, then punches. Again Kim is flung by her hair and Jillian pins for two. Jillian in Kim’s hair, then backbreaker on Kim for two. Kim dragged by her hair to the heel corner. Fox tags in, suplex’s Kim and bridges for two. Kim fights back. Fox wanted a tag, Jillian wouldn’t. Kim too Fox down had and tagged in Natalya. Natalya on Fox hard, then nails one of the fastest snap suplexes I’ve ever seen a woman hit! Kick to Fox’s neck, then a scoop slam. Another suplex to Fox and a bridge, but Tamina in and breaks the count by stomping Natalya’s gut. Kim rushes in a dropkicks Tamina hard and she rolls out. Jillian in, but Kim uses Jillian to get up top, then Kim flies out onto Tamina! Jillian out and sends Kim into the ring post face first. Eve baseball slides into Jillian and slides out to work Jillian, but Tamina clotheslines her hard. Natalya sets up for the sharpshooter on Fox, but Tamina in to stop her. Natalya bitch slaps Tamina from the ring. Fox comes up behind Natalya and uses her Booker T scissor kick on Natalya for three.

Winners – Fox, Jillian & Tamina

Video of Kim flying, then eating the post. Then Fox uses the distraction to get the win. Fox grabs a mic and from the ring says they’re all witnesses to the greatest reign in Diva’s Championship history! Huge heat. Being singles match, tag match, battle Royal or fatal four, she’s beaten all of them. There isn’t a Diva on the roster comparable to her because she’s the most dominant…

Melina’s music and she comes stomping out in jeans and an off the shoulder off-white long sleeved top. Her hair’s down and my first thought when I saw her was of Victoria (Tara in TNA {Lisa Marie Varon}) for some odd reason. Melina stalks out and Fox flees the ring. Jillian attacks her from behind and throws her back in the ring. Melina did her matrix move to avoid a clothesline. She took Fox down face first, then yelled that she’s back and used her split finisher on Fox to take her down hard. Video of Melina’s attack on Fox.

– Commercial

Backstage Sheamus heads for the ring.

Slam Of The Week – RKO on Jey. Sheamus glared from announce. Jimmy attacked Orton from behind. Sheamus in and took out Jimmy. Orton nailed Sheamus with an RKO.

Sheamus out to the ring looking rather annoyed. Goldust out to face him. Video from last year. A few weeks after Sheamus debuted in ECW, he faced Goldust and beat him.

Sheamus Vs. Goldust
Sheamus backs Goldust into a corner. King and Cole talked about Sheamus’ first meteoric year in the WWE. King said that he said it before, but he doesn’t think he’s seen anyone rise to the top as fast as Sheamus. Goldust punches out of the corner. Two clotheslines to Sheamus. Goldust goes for his upper cut but gets a knee. Clothesline to Goldust. Sheamus pulled Goldust up and nailed a backbreaker. Sheamus punches his chest, readying himself. Kick to Goldust’s jaw. The fans aren’t much into this match. Sheamus made a cross over his chest, hit’s the high cross on Goldust and pins for three.

Winner – Sheamus

Video of the backbreaker on Goldust, then the big boot. Then the finished on Goldust for three. Sheamus with a mic said what a difference a year makes. This time last year he was in a war with Goldust in ECW trying to make a name for himself. Now there’s no trying, just sheer and utter dominance. Whether they like it or not, he’s a two time WWE Champion. He didn’t need to grab a briefcase or lucky enough to be born a third generation superstar like Randy Orton. He got there all by himself, his own hard work. You people in the WWE Universe, you come to see him. What about HHH? Their hero, a man Orton couldn’t beat. He ended his career and will the same to Orton at SummerSlam. They never give him the credit he deserves. Guess what? He doesn’t want their respect or need their credit. He has what he needs, this – he holds out the gold. This got him some heat, but not a lot.

Backstage, split screen, Jericho and Cena headed for the ring.

– Commercial

Jericho out to the ring, looking as pissy as ever. Jericho yells smack out to fans. Cena out with his normal over-hyping.

Jericho Vs. Cena
They lock up. Jericho backed into a corner. Jericho doesn’t give a clean break, but punches at Cena, even with the ref ducked between them. Jericho punches Cena to the mat, then more forearms in another corner. Snap suplex to Cena. Cena blocks punches and goes for his shoulder block, but Jericho ducked. Cena floundered in the air, flopped, rolled out, flopped some more. Jericho out and sends Cena shoulder first into the stairs. The front row chants for Cena as they slam their hands on the ring-side of the barrier. The ref counts, Cena dives in just before he’s counted out. Jericho chokes Cena on a second rope.

Jericho yells smack at Cena as he pulls Cena up. Punch to Cena’s head, but Cena tries to fight back. Cena runs at Jericho in a corner, but eats a back elbow. Jericho slams Cena up into a bottom rope. Chinlock on Cena in the center of the ring. Jericho yells at Cena to give up. Cena slams Jericho off and rolls into a corner and half up. Jericho rushes Cena, but Cena moves and Jericho to the post shoulder first. Couple shoulder blocks to Jericho, then Cena slams him to the mat. Cena’s wincing in pain, but tries to the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena takes too much time and walks into a code breaker. Cena rolls out, Jericho out to roll Cena back in. Jericho rolls Cena onto his back and pins, but of course Cena gets his shoulder up.

– Commercial

Forearm to Cena’s face. Drop to hold to Jericho, but Jericho pushes out before Cena can lock on the STF. Jericho tries for the walls, Cena pushes out. Cena gets Jericho up for the AA, Jericho grabs the ropes and hangs on. Cena rushes Jericho who pulls the top ropes down and sends Cena flying out. Cena up on the apron, but Jericho slingshots off a second rope and dropkicks Cena from the apron. Jericho out after Cena and slams him face first onto announce. Jericho yells at Cena to stay down and then tells Cena he’s a stupid man.

Cena sent into the ring, then Jericho climbs. Cena struggles to his feet, but Jericho lands a back elbow on Cena’s chin. Jericho pins, Cena is able to kick out. King says Cena’s head and heart aren’t in this match. Cena starts punching back on Jericho in a corner. Jericho whipped and Cena tries for his bulldog when Jericho comes out of the corner, but Jericho ducks and punches Cena in the face. Jericho goes for his lionsault, but Cena was moving all around and Jericho ended up landing on Cena’s legs in a strange way. Jericho had to move Cena around to pin him. Jericho only got two, then yelled at the ref about it. Cena to his feet in a corner and eats a clothesline there. Cena sitting up top and Jericho climbs. Show of strength up there. Cena gains the upper hand and head butts Jericho off. Cena flies with a leg drop to the back of Jericho’s head. Cena acts like he tweaked his knee, but it feels like a work. Cena pins Jericho for two. Cena tries for the AA, but Jericho wiggles out. Jericho locks on the walls. Cena was in pain, struggles, but then rolls through and barely locks on the STF and Jericho taps out.

Winner – Cena

King and Cole say it didn’t look like Cena even really had the STF locked on when Jericho tapped. They showed the tape of it and Cena didn’t even have it locked in when Jericho tapped. Cena even realized then that Jericho tapped quickly. Jericho throws around the stairs as he leaves. Cena, on mic, stops Jericho. He says the fans just saw one heck of a match between two of the best in the WWE. The fans agree. Cena says he doesn’t want Jericho to leave. He wants him to stay because he’s the best at what he does and can go toe to toe with anyone in the ring. He won’t beg Jericho, the choice is his. He comes back, they agree to coexist and handle what needs to be handled. Then after what happens after that happens. Or, Jericho turns around and walks out and let everybody down, including himself. Jericho looks around at the fans. Camera close up in Jericho’s face. Jericho takes a couple steps toward the ring, then shakes his head and leaves. On the stage Jericho stops, seems to think, then leaves.

– Commercial

Video of the end of the last match. Jericho had the walls locked in, Cena reversed and hadn’t even locked on the STF when Jericho tapped out.

Backstage Edge sitting in a locker room, pensive. Jericho walks in and asks if Edge saw that? Edge says he did and doesn’t blame him for what he did. Cena needs them, they don’t need him. Edge respects Jericho for what he did. He didn’t need that. Jericho says, since they’re being honest, he respects Edge for quitting. They were better off before they got mixed up with this Nexus stuff. Edge says they’ve been together through a lot, ups and downs. Together they can own this place. They keep them apart for that reason. Maybe they should let bygones be bygones. They shook hands, then hugged.

Ding-Ding! Edge and Jericho turn to look at the monitor beside them. At announce Cole says he has an email from the RAW GM. “After what’s transpired tonight. Next week Edge and Jericho will face off against Cena and Bret Hart. Additionally all seven members of Nexus will be ringside as lumberjacks.”

Backstage Josh is with Orton. Josh says earlier Sheamus said he’s going to beat Orton at SummerSlam and do the same thing to Orton as he did to HHH. Orton says he thinks Sheamus has to do his homework if he thinks he’s the only one who’s every taken down HHH. If his memory serves him correctly, he gave HHH a six week vacation from a kick to the head. He then invites Sheamus to be ringside to watch what Orton does to Miz. The good thing for Sheamus is that after he’s done with Miz, he won’t be in any condition to cash in his MITB case. The bad news is that in two weeks, Sheamus’ next.


The exclusive world premier of the trailer for Cena’s new movie, The Legend. (It looks like it has a plot! This is Cena’s first movie that I’ve really been interested in seeing. I might actually pay money to see this one.)

Khali out to the ring with Singh in tow. Video of Khali and Edge in the ring last week. Nexus surrounded Khali, but let him go. Earlier tonight Nexus said they respect Khali and want him to join them. Ted out with his father’s strap around his waist and Maryse on his arm. Maryse is in a barely off-white dress with black trim.

Khali Vs. Ted DiBiase
Ted ducks Khali, then slaps his chest. Khali throws Ted into a corner, then chops at him. A big slap to Ted’s chest after getting the fans into it. Ted falls, but then a low dropkick to Khali’s knee. Front facelock on Khali, but Khali pushes Ted off. Clotheslines to Ted. Ted drops to the mat to avoid another one. Khali gets Ted sitting up top, just with a hands on his throat. Maryse on the apron distracts Khali. Ted rakes Khali’s eyes. Forearms to Khali’s back, then stomping his knee in a corner. Wade and Skip come stomping out. Ted asks what they’re doing, then Ted gets a chop to the top of his head. Khali puts the vice lock on Ted. The ref finally calls for the bell.

Winner – Khali

King and Cole talk about how Cena’s team is falling apart and will Khali join Nexus?

Backstage Miz, case in hand, stalks for the ring.

– Commercial

Cole talks about the movie The Other Guys. The Bellas huge out with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. Video of the two of them talking about the movie. Will says women are drawn to him. Mark said they’re drawn to his character. The Bellas came in and gushed all over Will. Mark wasn’t even noticed. Will told them they’re barely average looking. Mark wanted to be hooked up. The Bellas really wanted Will and Mark was blown off. Mark said he likes Alicia fax anyway. One of the twins pushed him down. Will and the Bellas left. When Mark got to his feet he said he kinda liked that.

Miz out to the ring, case in hand. Video of Miz trying to cash in his case last week, but he got an RKO for his troubles. Miz had a mic and said Orton made a mistake last week. Not just a lapse in judgment, but a life altering, world bending, potentially skull crushing moment in the career of Randy Orton. Now he doesn’t have a shred of positivity in his future. Tonight he’ll pay for what he did. At SummerSlam the best case scenario is Orton beats Sheamus for the Title. But then it’s Miz’s moment. Does Orton hear that? Do the voices in his head understand? Get it straight, he will be WWE Champion. The case in the air. Because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. Orton comes out to the ring glaring at Miz. Orton poses in a corner, then glares over his shoulder at Miz.

Randy Orton Vs. The Miz
They lock up and push each other around. Miz is backed into a corner, but they stay locked up and out of the corner. Orton’s pinned in another corner. Miz doesn’t give a clean break, he thwomps Orton on the top of the head when he should be backing off. Knee to Orton’s gut, then more punches. Miz beats him down in the corner. Orton’s whipped but comes out with a huge clothesline. Orton stomps Orton in the gut. Then again. Orton stomps the side of Miz’s head. Orton goes for his big knee drop, but Miz rolls out of the way. Miz runs and knees Orton in the face and pins for two. Miz stomps Orton into a corner. Miz is pulled off from Orton when one female fan yells, “I love you Randy!”

Miz punches Orton in the face a couple times, but the ref back him off. Miz rushed Orton, but eats a foot. Orton slingshots Miz up into the bottom rope. Orton then hits his big knee drop. Miz kicks out at two. Orton sends Miz to run the ropes. Miz holds on, but Orton clotheslines Miz out. Sheamus appears on the stage. Much staring between Sheamus and Orton.

– Commercial

Chinlock on Miz in the center of the ring. Sheamus is still staring down at the ring. Orton keeps his eye on Sheamus Miz up and out. Jawbreaker to Orton. Big boot to Orton’s face. Both regroup. Miz stomps Orton in the gut. Elbows to Orton’s chest from behind, then a kick to Orton’s head. Miz pins for two. Chinlock on Orton. Miz rakes his eyes, and really torques in the hold. Orton elbows out, but then a kick to his gut. Orton hits his ‘vintage’ backbreaker, according to Cole. Orton’s left holding his knee, but there was nothing obvious that happened there. Orton tries to get his knee working and walks over to Miz. Miz pulls Orton face first into a corner. Miz then chokes Orton in a corner. Miz runs at Orton and nails his corner clothesline, then pins for two. Punches to Orton on the mat. The ref has to pull Miz off. Miz keeps kicking when the ref pulls at him. The ref admonishes Miz in a corner.

Miz back to Orton, but gets an upper cut from Orton. Punch to Orton from Miz. Orton’s flailing on the mat. Miz pulls Orton up, but Orton blocks Miz’s punches and then nails clothesline. Orton’s fast scoop slam to Miz. Miz on the apron. To his feet, but then gets kicked in the gut by Orton. Orton grabs Miz, but Miz reverses out of the DDT by sending Orton flying over the top! Miz goes outside and grabs Orton. Orton rolled in, Miz after him. Orton tries for a clothesline, but then Miz hit’s a combination of moves, but Orton somehow jacked out. Miz looked lost that he didn’t get the win there. Orton crawls across the ring, uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Miz rushes Orton who moves. Miz turns right around into an RKO for three.

Winner – Randy Orton

Orton poses, but sees Sheamus running for the ring. Orton drops to the mat, readying for Sheamus and an RKO. Sheamus stops dead before getting in the ring and backs off. Orton glares out at him.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat