Rey Mysterio left WWE last year and his since been quite vocal about his time with the company. The former World Champion has talked about his opportunities and the chances he was given in WWE many times. 
It seems that he has recently become a big fan of WWE’s 205 Live show, this was proven in a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling where he was asked about a Cruiserweight Division that he was once a part of. 
He said: “That is a blessing from day one. From day one when I started in this business, that was my style; I was flying off the top ropes, and creating new moves as I went along, which is what made my skills better. It made me better, as a talent, as a wrestler, as a person. My fan base grew enormously. Thanks to them for supporting my style, we now have a Cruiserweight division, and you know, they see the high-flying acrobatic, high degree style; the first thing that they say is that was Rey Mysterio, he brought this. Not only myself: Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, and many others. X-Pac was one of the first guys to be doing it when WWF was around, and along came the Hardy’s; they’re all the innovators of the Lucha Libre style.” 

It will be interesting to see if WWE ever bring back someone like Rey Mysterio in the future as they look to add more characters to their building Cruiserweight Division. 

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