Earlier today, fans briefly went crazy when they were led to believe that a superstar who has been out of the company for a while now would be returning on tonight’s Raw. WWE uploaded a video on Snapchat featuring Raw announcer Charly Caruso backstage, and fans picked up on a very surprising superstar lurking in the background. The person in the background appears to be a thin, pale, female figure that some immediately assumed was Paige who’d be returning somewhere during tonight’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw. Alas, this has turned out to be proven as false and the person in the background was actually someone different.

Admittedly, the figure having a direct resemblance to the missing Paige, but WWE later addressed the issue somewhat in a Instagram post later in the day. It turns out that the person in the background was actually Raw superstar Sasha Banks, who had makeup applied to her that made her look like a zombie. This was likely done because Banks participated in a photo shoot to promote her upcoming action figure in Mattel’s WWE Zombies lineup. Unfortunately for fans of Paige, she is not going to be returning on tonight’s edition of Raw, and we’re going to have to wait a bit longer until we can hopefully see Paige return to doing what she does best.

Paige has not been seen anywhere on WWE television since June 2016 due to a neck-related injury that she suffered. In the meantime, her controversial relationship with GFW Champion Alberto El Patron has managed to keep her in the news. WWE is working on a biopic based on the life of her family, and the movie is said to be the main reason why the company has not released her yet. However, if she is convicted of battery because of her recent issue in an Orlando airport, WWE contracts specify that it is grounds for immediate termination. We’ll see if she ever does come back to wrestling, but Paige definitely won’t be on Raw tonight.