As seen on this week’s Raw, Seth Rollins will be facing Bray Wyatt at the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view next month. This may seem strange seeing as how Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor looked to be a definite feud for the future just a few weeks ago. Sportskeeda has reported that the plans for a Balor/Wyatt feud have been postponed for the time being, and that the Great Balls of Fire card has been reshuffled around quite a bit. Originally, Brock Lesnar was going to retain his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman in the main event of the show, but that obviously changed when Strowman unexpectedly went down with an elbow injury.
After the July pay-per-view however, Lesnar was originally going to defend the title in a Fatal 4-Way match against Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Braun Strowman in Brooklyn. Strowman’s injury caused the Rollins/Joe feud to be resolved early to get to the current Joe/Lesnar feud. At this point, the planned main event for SummerSlam is for Finn Balor to receive his rematch for the title he never lost against “The Beast”. Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor will likely have a multi-show rivalry after Balor’s main event match. The company does not have plans to put the title on anyone other than Lesnar, and they want to do Balor/Wyatt for many months, rather than just a one-off at Great Balls of Fire.
Finn Balor challenging Brock Lesnar will make for an interesting match almost entirely because of the contrasting sizes of the two competitors. The match will also tell a nice story of Balor finally receiving a rematch for the belt he was forced to give up, and it will take place one year later in the same building that he won it in last time. The only one who seems left out here is Strowman, who is still scheduled to return before the big show in August. In any case, expect Wyatt and Balor to resume feuding later this year, and get ready for “The Beast Incarnate” vs. “The Demon King” at the final SummerSlam show to emanate from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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