In new season Russian Superleague will have new rule – upper limit of salaries.


The President of the Russian Volleyball Federation Stanislav Shevchenko said that the introduction of the salary cap in the men’s Super League clubs in season 2013/14 help reduce the number of undeservedly high contracts received by individual players .  «It was decided to introduce a men’s super league for clubs in season 2013/14 salary cap , more even -ceiling payroll – said Shevchenko . – The idea came about two years ago . First clubs perceived it skeptically , but forming budgets and working with sponsors , they gradually realized that give a lot of money for nothing, but simply because that is the market develops . The introduction of the ceiling should help clubs. Team players should get good contracts . However, we observe the following situation : the players that do not go into the main part of the club , or , say, from one year to year sit on the bench, get bigger and bigger money without getting better as athletes . We have set a target to reduce the undeserved benefits. We do not limit the budgets of clubs, we restrict only the amount paid by them to their players. Roughly speaking, if the club wants to fly charter – let fly, no one forbids it. Amount of the salary cap has been determined . We will still be meeting with the leaders of clubs, then we will make an official statement. I think it will happen in early September. To date, teams that exceed the salary cap in the men’s super league , no. Its introduction – is a measure of caution».


Despite to this statements, I don’t think that the situation will change. Russian superleague has strong limit of foreigners, and Russian players are majority. But limit may can help small teams who complete rosters with youngsters.