— Dave Meltzer speculated on yesterday’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Samoa Joe appears to have “pissed someone off” on Smackdown as he is getting “irrationally buried.” Meltzer guessed that Joe has long been saddled with horrible material and made it work every time with his strong interview skills so it could be because of his promos. Joe was eliminated in 35 seconds at Survivor Series and then was made to lose via submission last week. We had previously noted over the summer that Joe’s mic skills were getting a lot of notice backstage and if Meltzer’s guess is true, it may have rubbed someone the wrong way.

— In case you missed it, WWE has turned Dana Brooke heel again without so much as an explanation to why. WWE has a tendency to ignore any stories or loopholes involving some of their mid-carders and this appears to be another case of that.

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