The South Dakota State wrestling team earned two Western Wrestling Conference All-Academic Team honors and 12 Coaches’ Honor Roll honors.

Between the two lists, the league honored 64 student-athletes from the six conference schools for their performance in the classroom, as well as on the mat.

The WWC All-Academic Team features 18 wrestlers with cumulative grade point averages of 3.2 or better and are starters in the varsity lineup, as well as upperclassmen.

The Coaches’ Honor Roll recognizes all student-athletes, regardless of class or varsity status, who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

Aaron Pickrel and Joe Skow earned All-Academic Team honors. Pickrel’s cumulative GPA (3.79 in biology/pre-med) was second-best in the conference.

On the Coaches’ Honor Roll, 12 Jackrabbit wrestlers were honored for a second-best total among WWC schools with 14 total grapplers between the two lists.

Kevin Caruso, J.J. Everard, Ben Gillette, Will James, Tyler Johnson, Alex Kocer, John Nething II, Eric Orozco, Joe Rasmussen, Ben Schwery, Brance Simms and Andrew Youngblom all earned Coaches’ honors. Orozco posted the highest GPA of all student-athletes on the Coaches’ Honor Roll.

The honors come shortly after SDSU was recognized as the team with the No. 13 GPA among all Division I wrestling programs.

The Western Wrestling Conference is comprised of six schools including the Air Force Academy, North Dakota State, Northern Colorado, South Dakota State, Utah Valley and Wyoming.

Jared Erickson (AF), HWT, Sr., 3.59 GPA, Civil Engineering
Dylan Hyder (AF), 133, So., 3.34 GPA, Operations Research
Jesse Stafford (AF), 165, So., 3.57 GPA, Civil Engineering
John Gusewelle (NDSU), 285, So., 3.27 GPA, Mechanical Engineering
Evan Knutson (NDSU), 285, So., 3.68 GPA, University Studies
Steven Monk (NDSU), 165, Jr., 3.20 GPA, Physical/Health Education
Trent Sprenkle (NDSU), 125, Sr., 3.70 GPA, University Studies
Charles McMartin (NC), 165, So., 3.64, English: Secondary Teaching
Aaron Pickrel (SDSU), 125, Sr., 3.79 GPA, Biology/Pre-Med
Joe Skow (SDSU), 197, Sr., 3.46 GPA, Sociology
Chase Cuthbertson (UVU), 157, RFr., 3.51 GPA, Accounting
Avery Garner (UVU), 141, Jr., 3.42 GPA, Exercise Science
Monte Schmalhaus (UVU), 174, Jr., 3.30 GPA, Exercise Science
Josh Wilson (UVU), 149, Sr., 3.61 GPA, Accounting/Marketing
Tanner Harms (WYO), HWT, RFr., 3.86 GPA, Mechanical Engineering
Alfonso Hernandez (WYO), 197, Sr., 3.64 GPA, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Poulos (WYO), 174, Sr., 3.60 GPA, Kinesiology and Health Promotion
Leland Pfeifer (WYO), HWT, So., 3.57 GPA, Geography

Dan Barringer (AF), 174, Jr., 3.07 GPA, Civil Engineering
Adam Jackson (AF), 165, Fr., 3.76 GPA, Biology
Cody Hancock (AF), 141, So., 3.23 GPA, Behavioral Sciences
Vance Hawk (AF), 184, Jr., 3.00 GPA, Biology
Devin Hightower (AF), 184, Jr., 3.01 GPA, Behavioral Sciences
Lucas Lambrecht (AF), 165, Fr., 3.31 GPA, Computer Science – Cyber Warfare
Marcus Malecek (AF), HWT, Fr., 3.58 GPA, Systems Engineering
Chris Morales (AF), 174, Jr., 3.02 GPA, Environmental Engineering
Jason Mossing (AF), 174, So., 3.02 GPA, Computer Engineering
Brandon Mueller (AF), 165, Sr., 3.72 GPA, Physics/Math
Daniel Nissen (AF), 174, Sr., 3.27 GPA, Systems Engineering Management
Nathan Volk (AF), 157, Fr., 3.14 GPA, Undeclared
Mark Erickson (NDSU), 141, Sr., 3.13 GPA, Physical/Health Education
Paul Johnson (NDSU), 157, Sr., 3.23 GPA, Pharmacy
Kallen Kleinschmidt (NDSU), 197, Sr., 3.05 GPA, Exercise Science
Caleb Meide (NDSU), 157, Fr., 3.12 GPA, Mechanical Engineering
Mac Stoll (NDSU), 184, Sr., 3.01 GPA, Construction Management
Hunter Weber (NDSU), 125, Fr., 3.17 GPA, Nursing
Nickolas Alspaugh (NC), 149/157, RFr., 3.07, Communications
Brian Macchione (NC), 197, Fr., 3.21, Criminal Justice
Mitchell Polkowske (NC), 157, So., 3.18, Finance
Joshua Van Tine (NC), 174, So., 3.20, Sport & Exercise Science
Kevin Caruso (SDSU), 157, Jr., 3.01 GPA, French Studies/History Teaching
J.J. Everard (SDSU), HWT, Fr., 3.32 GPA, Physical Education-Teaching
Ben Gillette (SDSU), 141, Fr., 3.55 GPA, Biology/Pre-Med
Will James (SDSU), 141, Jr., 3.19 GPA, Sport, Recreation and Park Management
Tyler Johnson (SDSU), 141, Sr., 3.43 GPA, Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Alex Kocer (SDSU), 149, Fr., 3.37 GPA, Exploratory Studies
John Nething II (SDSU), 174, Jr., 3.07 GPA, Consumer Affairs
Eric Orozco (SDSU), 133, Jr., 3.74 GPA, Geography
Joe Rasmussen (SDSU), 174, Sr., 3.03 GPA, Civil Engineering
Ben Schwery (SDSU), 165, Fr., 3.71 GPA, Wildlife and Fisheries
Brance Simms (SDSU), 133, Fr., 3.68 GPA, Nutrition and Food Science
Andrew Youngblom (SDSU), 149, Jr., 3.59 GPA, Art Education
Kyle Cuthbertson (UVU), 174, RFr., 3.29 GPA, Exercise Science
Adam Fager (UVU), HWT, So., 3.15 GPA, Psychology
Derek Malan (UVU), 133, So., 3.05 GPA, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Sam Mecham (UVU), 141, So., 3.73 GPA, Digital Internet Technologies
Josh Metivier (UVU), 133, Fr., 3.35 GPA, Accounting
Bracken Nipko (UVU), 125, Fr., 3.63 GPA, Business/Marketing
Tucker Ray (UVU), 149, RFr., 3.36 GPA, Entrepreneurship
Glenn Terrano (UVU), 141, Sr., 3.11 GPA, Health Service Administration
Derek Thomas (UVU), 184, RFr., 3.23 GPA, General Business
Jake Eitzen (WYO), 133, Jr., 3.01 GPA, Marketing
Cole Ford (WYO), 141, RFr., 3.18 GPA, Animal and Vet Sciences
Ben Stroh (WYO), 184, RFr., 3.12 GPA, Undeclared

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