Last month, WWE held Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, a heavily scrutinized event by media and politicians alike because Washington Post Journalist & Saudi National, Jamal Khashoggi, was killed just one month prior to the event.
WWE Hall Of Famer Sgt. Slaughter was recently interviewed by TMZ Sports and among the topics discussed, Sgt. Slaughter would agree with WWE’s controversial decision to travel to Saudi Arabia. Slaughter said that the task of entertaining the fans all around the world takes priority over anything political, as seen below:
“We’re an entertainment company,” Slaughter said. “We’re not anything to do with politics. We’re basically there to entertain everybody, not just the American people, but the people all around the world. That’s what we do for a living. That’s what makes our company so great.”

First debuting in 1972, Sgt. Slaughter would quickly gain popularity and hold numerous regional titles in The NWA & AWA. He became WWE Champion for the first time in January 1991 and was inducted in to The WWE Hall Of Fame in 2004.
Even after a lengthy, illustrious career, Slaughter says that he is not retired from Professional Wrestling and he carries his wrestling boots with him everywhere he goes, as seen below:
“No, I do not [consider myself retired],” Slaughter said. “Every once and a while, I get into the ring and somebody says something bad about the Sgt. or America, or wants to pick a fight with the Sgt. I’ve always got my bag with me and, whether it be a singles match – I’d prefer a tag match – but, I’ve always got the boots with me. The cobra clutch is always ready and the Slaughter Cannon is always loaded!”
You can check out Sgt. Slaughter’s full comments in the video below:

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