WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus recently spoke with Mike Jones of DC 101 about the TLC pay-per-view, Becky Lynch’s future in WWE, forming the League Of Nations faction and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On putting it all on the line at TLC:

“It’s the most important prize in WWE, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’ll do anything and everything to keep it and to get it and that includes putting your body on the line and doing whatever it takes. That’s what happened last night, I did whatever it took to walk away champ.”

On Becky Lynch’s future in WWE:

“She’s a bit lost there with Charlotte because they’re mates but trust me, I’ll have a word with Becky to toughen her up, that she has to stand up for herself. Becky Lynch is a future WWE Divas Champion, there’s no doubt about it. She’s been wrestling for years, she’s got great passion, great technique, she’s a great technical wrestler, and she’s tough as nails as well.”

On forming the League of Nations:

“There’s a lot of heavyweights in there, in terms of gold and honor, and we all share the same interests. We’re tired of fighting against each other when we should have been fighting together.”

On why Roman Reigns didn’t see the Money In The Bank cash in coming when he won the title:

“Everything around you just disappears. The crowd disappears and all you focus on is that one thing. You set yourself a goal and keep going for it, you don’t reach it, you don’t reach it, and you finally do. Everything else becomes invisible, and he was lost in the moment.”

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