Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Tiffany of Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling
Date: 2/1/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel

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Now, on to business! Tiffany is a heck of a singer. We all remember her fondly as the voice of the 80’s pop super hit “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Well, in 2009, we sat down with the former teen idol, Playboy centerfold, and pro wrestler trainee ina n interview that covers her entire career! Music fans will love this one as well as the wrestling fans who watched and enjoyed CCW!

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– The interview begins with Tiffany saying that she’s always changing, trying new things, and she loved being a part of Hulk Hogan’s CCW, and is honored to be on the show.

– The main reason she got into CCW was Hulk Hogan. She says that when she was younger, she didn’t get along with her dad but wrestling was a common bond that they had. Tiffany then tells a story about how she brought her dad to meet Hulk Hogan.

– She enjoyed being in front of the live crowd and that part of it was something that she was used to. She had a lot of fun doing it.

– Her new CD “Mimi’s Kitchen” was made in tribute to her grandmother, and the whole project was made from old demo recordings that she did at a young age along with a few new tracks.

– She was announced as the “Punk Sensation” on CCW, much to James’ confusion, and she agrees that she is definitely Pop, not Punk.

– There was originally a plan for her to go to the UK for a special tour, but it never took place. Basically what happened was a confusion with her VISA and that prevented from coming over. However, she plans on going over to the UK in February.

– Tiffany is then asked about her role as Judy Jetson from The Jetsons Animated film. She says that the chance was offered to her, and she was thankful to get the chance to do something new. She says that she was a big fan of The Jetsons and has two younger sisters, so it was a blast to do something that her family could really enjoy.

– The next topic of discussion is her Playboy shoot, and she says that she doesn’t regret it. She says she needed to shed the good girl image and be a little bit more rebellious. She says that it was also done as a self esteem booster for her because she was going through some other personal problems at the time.

– She says its hard to make some things stand out and get around the corporate machine, but she currently deals with many independent companies which allows her more freedom & control with her work.

– Going back to CCW, despite being eliminated first, she was brought back for the finale which she was happy about. She says that she came in willing to do anything that was asked of her (even saying that she was willing to be set on fire!) “I was just there to have a good time”

– Even though wrestling isn’t her career, she really loved being a part of it. She took it seriously and had fun being a part of somebody else’s artform.