sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Last night’s edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event based around actress Jenny McCarthy raising awareness for Autism didn’t do too well in the ratings to say the least.

For starters, the show finished in last place in its time slot, getting beat out by America’s Most Wanted on Fox, Wipeout on ABC, and a show by the name of Flashpoint on CBS at the same time slot. Well technically, Saturday’s Night Main Event didn’t finish in last place out of all the networks as the show likely beat out the offerings from The CW and MyNetworkTV, so perhaps WWE can take solace in that. Then again, those stations never offer original programming on Saturday nights, so maybe they’re ratings on Saturdays don’t count.

Saturday Night’s Main Event drew slightly more than half the total viewership of America’s Most Wanted on Fox during the same timeslot. We don’t have the exact rating, but the show drew 2.38 million viewers according to this article from Believe it or not, the show got beat out by a recent edition of Elite XC on CBS. More than likely, the rating will come in at a 1.4 or 1.5 rating, by far the worst rating in the storied history of Saturday Night’s Main Event. And they were in better time slot this time around too, not at midnight.

Saturday Night’s Main Event featured Jeff Hardy vs. Edge, John Cena, Batista & Cryme Tyme vs. JBL, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes & Kane, and The Great Khali vs. Jimmy Wang Yang. The TV preview advertised a slew of celebrities (and no wrestlers) including Jenny McCarthy, Toby Keith, Jewel, Piers Morgan, Carmen Electra, Billy Ray Cyrus, and the cast of Nashville Star. It would appear that the lure of celebrities didn’t work too well in nabbing the non-wrestling fan. On the plus side, Saturday Night’s Main Event was not the least watched show of the evening. The one-hour block of the critically-acclaimed show The Office that aired right before SNME at 8:00 p.m. only managed to draw 1.64 million viewers.

In the bad timing department, the Raw section on has an article talking about the WWE Universe watching their programming in record numbers. Seeing how last night’s edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event likely drew its record worst rating in the show’s history, technically, that statement is true.

— The original storyline plan was for CM Punk to go heel, and then win the title via Money in the Bank. The suggestion for Punk to win the title in a fluke-like fashion didn’t go over too well at first, but arguments were made that since WWE decided on a youth movement and to shake things up, that Punk is the guy to push more than anyone else in the company. An argument made in Punk’s favor is that he is more popular than he should have been given his push, not to mention that he sells far more merchandise than someone in his position should. Since Vince McMahon gave the green light for Punk to win the title, everyone in creative is suddenly 100% behind him. On the other hand, the road agent/”producers” were very quiet about the move as many of them don’t think highly of Punk’s work. However, none of them will ever speak out against a Vince direction for fear of losing their job. Behind the scenes, Triple H, who has not been a supporter of Punk dating back to his arrival in the company, recently joked that Shawn Michaels will need to heel so Punk can have someone who can work him through a world title match. The directive of Punk often not looking too strong on television is from Vince. Vince believes that by making Punk cling onto the belt against “better” guys, it will cause fans to get behind him in the long run. This was the very same idea he had with Rey Mysterio, although Vince was never behind him as anything but a transitional champion.

— Jim Ross has posted a new blog on the WWE Fan Nation site talking about a slew of topics including the recent fight between two Carolina Panthers football players, Ron Killings, the WWE developmental system, Mick Foley, Superstar Billy Graham, and more. You can read the blog at this link.

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