Due to the fact that WWE will be going overseas once again, the company taped this week’s ECW and SmackDown! shows last night. Here are the spoilers from WrestlingObserver.com:

Dark match

Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore b Jason Styles & Brian Cage

ECW [Air Date 6/10]

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal with a new name) b Mike Knox & Shelton Benjamin when Bourne pinned Knox after a missile dropkick

Victoria b Kelly Kelly – She was injured taking a bump outside the ring. No update on her condition

Fit Finlay b Armando Estrada

Colin Delaney b Estrada (same situation as last week)

Hornswoggle b Estrada

Delaney celebrated with Hornswoggle and Finlay but Finlay turned on Delaney and hit him with the shillelagh

Mark Henry did a promo and Big Show came out. Henry predicted Show would win the title. Kane and Show ended up having a face-off

The Miz & John Morrison b Kane & C.M. Punk in the tag title match when Morrison pinned Punk with his neckbreaker

Smackdown! [Air Date 6/13]

MVP interviewed Rey Mysterio, who said he would be back soon. MVP started insulting Mexicans for easy heat

Vickie Guerrero came out and had two new stipulations for Batista. To get a title shot, he had to beat Khali, and if he lost to Khali, he would have to retire.

Morrison b Finlay

Mark Henry promo building up a program with Show

Edge was doing a promo with Vickie Guerrero. Punk came out and hinted cashing in the Money in the Bank match on 7/11 after the wedding

Henry b Tommy Dreamer in a squash

Edge & Vickie were planning the wedding when MVP wanted to renegotiate. She said if MVP did them a favor, she’d consider it. The favor is to get rid of Punk.

Cherry b Maryse with a DDT

MVP b Punk via DQ. Long match. Punk did a running knee with the briefcase to MVP’s head for the DQ

Chavo Guerrero is apparently facing Matt Hardy for the U.S. title at Night of Champions

Hardy b Chuck Palumbo

Chavo did the ring announcing predicting he’d win the title

Jesse & Festus b Deuce & Domino. Deuce & Domino turned on each other after the match

Batista b Khali with a spear so he gets the title shot

Dark match

Batista b Edge & Khali by pinning Edge after a Batista bomb

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