Credit to Josh and our friends at for these spoilers from tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Wichita, Kansas:

Dark Match:

* Slam Master J b. Tyler Reks

WWE SmackDown – Airing Friday:

* A video is shown recapping Edge and Chris Jericho from last week. Edge comes out to open the show. He says he’s worried about Jericho because he keeps getting Speared. Big Show comes out. Edge says She is going to get Speared later. Show says his luck will run out and he will knock him out. Edge throws him out of the ring to end the segment.

* Backstage, Teddy Long is with Drew McIntyre. Drew says he didn’t lose last week. Drew demands a Money in the Bank qualifying match against Matt Hardy.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy in a Money in the Bank ladder match qualifying match. Matt Hardy b. Drew McIntyre to qualify. After the match Drew goes crazy and tears up the announce table and yells at Mike Striker.

* Shelton Benjamin b. Dolph Ziggler

* John Morrison & R-Truth vs. Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty in a number one contender match for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship is announced for later in the night.

* Ezekiel Jackson b. Jimmy Wang Yang

* Backstage, Rey Mysterio has Tiffany (who he welcomes to Smackdown) watch his daughter.

* Luke Gallows vs. Rey Mysterio. CM Punk says he wants Luke to make Rey pay for his sins for beating him last week. Rey Mysterio b. Luke Gallows. Punks comes in after the match and goes for GTS but Rey reverses it.

* Backstage, Chris Jericho says he wants Big Show to destroy Edge. Big Show says its all about him and that he’s doing it for himself.

* The Raw Rebound is regarding Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

* John Morrison & R-Truth b. Cryme Tyme & The Hart Dynasty to become the number one contenders for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship at Wrestlemania.

* Backstage, Michelle McCool and Layla give Vickie Guerrero a simply flawless shirt. Beth Phoenix comes in and Vickie tells her she will never get a title shot.

* Edge b. Big Show with a Spear.

* WWE Announces Another Brand New PPV & More WWE Releases Coming This Week