— TNA officials are cautiously optimistic that Kurt Angle will be able to return to the ring after a few weeks off. TNA is hoping that he is able to appear at the U.K. shows in early June. Based on Impact spoilers, he is tapped to do some segments with Karen Angle over the next few weeks and his planned match with AJ Styles at Slammiversary appears to be off.

— TNA has launched a new online show called “The Spin Cycle” featuring TNA personalities discussing different topics not only limited to the company. The first edition of the show features Rhaka Khan, BG James, Shark Boy and Frank Trigg discussing Roxxi’s head being shaved, the Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama Democratic race, and if the Knockouts should be able to compete against the male wrestlers. The show is hosted by Jeremy Borash. You can see the first episode at this link.

— Lance Storm has posted a commentary concerning Ultimate Warrior possibly joining TNA, which you can read at this link. Storm wrote, “I personally think he would be good for a onetime only nostalgia curiosity pop but very little else.” He then talks about the factors working against a “business altering Ultimate Warrior return.” Storm closes his commentary by talking about Warrior’s physique and if fans would still accept him being smaller and older. “It will be IMPOSSIBLE for a 49-year-old Ultimate Warrior to be in even half the shape he was in his prime without HUGE quantities of drugs.”

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