TNA Hard Justice Results – 8/15/2009
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Sean Hopkins of

We get a video hyping the main event featuring Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sting to open the show. Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to Hard Justice, and for some reason I also hear the Spanish commentary at the same time. Steel Asylum will open the show tonight.

Steel Asylum Match
– Suicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Daniels vs. Consequences Creed

The Motor City Machine Guns are out first together as a team, followed by Amazing Red. Daniels is out next to a pretty nice pop from the crowd followed by Lethal Consequences make their way out. Suicide makes his way to the ring, and finally, the Pope D’Angelo Dinero makes his debut. With all the combatants in the ring, the door is closed and the ceiling is lowered.

Things start out crazy as half the men make a mad dash to scale the cage, and the other half try to prevent them from doing so. The Guns team up and utilize some impressive double team maneuvers. Dinero and Creed fight on the side of the cage with Dinero sending Creed to the mat, but getting crotched for his trouble. Lethal Consequences break out some of their double team moves before getting surprised by the Pope. Daniels sends Sabin to the mat with a body slam from the top rope, but gets caught with a chin breaker from the top rope by Shelley. Suicide tries to catch the Guns off guard, but he gets caught himself with a German suplex right into D’Angelo Dinero. Lethal and Sabin fight on the side of the cage with Lethal smashing Sabin’s face into the steel. Daniels goes up to the third rope and catches Lethal with a hip toss to the middle of the ring.

Daniels eats a spear from Dinero that sends both men to the mat. Huge multi man spot where the Guns work together to take down effectively every other man in the match (sorry, lot of shit going on at once made it hard to call). Tower of Doom Power bomb, and things are going crazy as all eight men are brawling in the ring. Red tries to escape but Shelley catches him from behind. Shelley tries to take Red down but he can’t and everyone soon is trying to climb up. Daniels takes Dinero down, Suicide takes down Creed, the Guns hits an assisted Sliced Bread on Lethal, but the get taken down by Red. Red tries to escape again and he and Daniels make is to the ceiling. Daniels throws Red on top of a group of opponents on the mat, but Daniels is able to hang on. Suicide goes for it but he’s caught by Dinero who then decides to not go for the exit. Daniels pulls himself back up, and climbs up to the exit, making his way out of the cage for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship Daniels

Borash is on the ramp with Daniels and he asks who Daniels thinks will be the champion when his title match comes up. Daniels says either way, he welcomes both of them to a lose lose situation, because tonight, one of them loses, and at No Surrender, on of them loses to Daniels. Daniels sends a ‘shout out’ to AJ Styles who’s apparently sitting at home doubting himself tonight.

Lauren is backstage with Matt Morgan, she asks him about his plans. Morgan says never assume anything. Morgan says even Kurt can’t control him. Matt says that Angle jerked him around for weeks on end without rewarding him even once, but tonight, Morgan is going to reward himself with the TNA Championship, and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it.

Bounty Match
– Abyss vs. Jethro Holliday

We get a video package detailing the history between Dr. Stevie and Abyss. Stevie placed a $50,000 bounty on Abyss’ head and Holiday has come to collect. It’s not really a surprise, but we learn that weapons are legal in this match as Holiday makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Dr. Stevie. Abyss makes his way out and Holiday starts things out immediately, jumping Abyss as soon as he gets in the ring. Holiday chops away at Abyss, but it does no damage, however Holiday falls when Abyss lets loose with a chop of his own. Abyss sends Holiday to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. On the outside, Abyss sends Holiday into the guardrail, and the steel stairs.

Holiday ducks a punch from Abyss and Abyss connects with the steel ring post, allowing for an opening for Holiday. Holiday sends Abyss back into the ring and he tries for an elbow drop of the second rope, but Abyss rolls out of the way. Abyss rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair, while Dr. Stevie slides a baton into the ring. Abyss tries to hit Holiday with the chair, but Holiday instead wails on Abyss with the baton. Holiday sends Abyss to the apron and knocks him down to the floor where he’s berated by Dr. Stevie. Back in the ring, Holiday goes for the chair, but when he tries to hit Abyss, he gets caught in chokeslam position. Holiday fights his way out but quickly falls victim to a big boot and back body drop.

Abyss hits a side slam and he tries for a pin, but Holiday kicks out at two. Abyss goes for the chair again and this time he lays it down on Holiday; Abyss gets a running start and goes to straddle Holiday, but Jethro turns the chair sideways and Abyss crotches himself. Holiday grabs the baton and whacks Abyss in the head, but it only keeps Abyss down for a two count. Holiday wedges the chair into the corner, but it backfires as Abyss sends him headfirst into the chair. Abyss chokeslams Holiday, but amazingly, Holiday is able to kick out at two. Abyss goes for Dr. Stevie and the distraction enables Holiday to hit a bulldog.

Stevie slides Holiday some brass knuckles, but when he goes to use them on Abyss, he’s caught with the black hole slam. Abyss pins Holiday and that’s all it takes to put Holiday down for the three.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Stevie chews out Holiday in the middle of the ring. Holiday tries to walk away, but he gets pulled back by Stevie. When it happens again, Holiday hits Stevie with a big right hand for a huge pop from the crowd.

Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle, he asks him about the match tonight where it will be everyone for himself. Angle says Morgan has been talking for weeks about wanting to be in the MEM, and tonight he has his chance. Angle says by the end of tonight he’ll have a talk with Morgan, and Morgan will see things differently.

Match for the TNA Championship Briefcase
– Hernandez vs. Big Rob

Rob Terry of the British Invasion is out first with his stablemates and the Feast of Fired briefcase. Hernandez is out second to a nice pop from the crowd. Hernandez asks for the mic, he says he has family in Mexico and in the U.S. and that makes him a Latino-American. Super Mex says these people are his family and the Impact Zone is in his house and that the British Invasion stole from his family. Hernandez says Terry can either hand him his briefcase and walk out, or Hernandez can take his briefcase and walk out on all three members of the BI.

Mex actually fights off the BI, and rolls up Terry for a quick win, securing his Feast of Fired briefcase.

Winner: Hernandez

Lauren is backstage with BMI, she asks them about their match with the British Invasion later tonight. Rude says that he and James have become soft, but he and Storm are tired of having emotions. Tonight, BMI will go back to what they do best, and they’re coming to kick BI’s ass. Storm makes sure to add in ‘Sorry about you’re damn luck’.

New Japan IWGP Tag Team Championship Match
– The British Invasion (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Eric Young makes his way out to the ring, looking strangely like Kurt Angle dressed up in a suit, to join West and Tenay on commentary. Beer Money are out first, followed by Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus (sans Terry). Storm and Magnus start things out first for their respective teams with Storm getting the immediate advantage with a couple of right hands and a neckbreaker. Magnus tries to send Storm to the outside, but Storm skins the cat. Storm sends Magnus to the outside, and when Magnus tries to skin the cat he gets caught with a dropkick to the face. Storm sends Williams to the outside, and Roode backdrops his partner onto the BI on the outside.

Williams and Roode square off in the ring with Roode getting the advantage with a series of lariats before tagging out to Storm. Storm comes in and BMI let loose with a flurry of double team moves, but it can only keep Williams down for a two count. The match breaks down and all four men are in the ring. Williams gets hung up in a tree of woe and they send Magnus into him with an Irish whip. BMI crotch Magnus, using Williams head while he’s still hung up in the tree of woe.

The British Invasion are finally able to mount an offense and do a weird double submission where each man trades off of the limb they’re working on. Magnus and Williams continue to double team Storm, so much so that they get to the point where they forget who is legal.

Storm is able to make the hot tag to Roode who comes in a and cleans house on the BI. Roode takes down Williams with a blockbuster, but the pin is broken up by Magnus. Magnus finds himself on the bad side of a double suplex and before Roody and Storm hit a double team maneuver on Magnus. Eric Young distracts BMI by throwing the titles in the ring, this allows Magnus to hit Roode with a low blow and Williams to catch Roode with a roll up for the quick win.

Winners & STILL IWGP Champions The British Invasion

Lauren is backstage with Cody Deaner and ODB. Deaner rambles on about something or other. ODB says she’s going to win the TNA ‘Knocked Up’ title tonight, and after that, she’s going to do something with her boobs. To be honest, I really just kind of glazed over during that whole promo segment, I just can’t find the value in something like that.

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match
– Angelina Love (c) & Velvet Sky vs. ODB & Cody Deaner

Love and ODB start things out for their teams with ODB picking up Love and throwing her into the corner. ODB catches Love and hits her with a fall away slam, but gets hit with a facebuster after she misses a splash in the corner. Sky tags in, but quickly falls victim to a shoulder block from ODB. ODB tags in Deaner, who spanks Sky. Deaner places Sky on the top turnbuckle and hits ten spanks on Sky (yes, I really just wrote that sentence).

ODB tags back in, but she quickly falls victim to a distraction from the Beautiful People. Love and Sky double team ODB, hitting her with two big splashes in the corner before hitting a snap mare dropkick combo. ODB is able to make the hot tag to Deaner who comes in and kisses Sky three times. Love comes in and tries to attack from behind but gets caught with a kiss herself. Rayne is up on the apron and she too gets a kiss from Deaner, this time with tongue. Deaner takes down Sky with a drop toe hold and looks to be going for another spank but he gets caught with a low blow.

Sky tries to set up Deaner for the perfume spray from Rayne, but it backfires when Rayne catches Sky in the eyes with the perfume. Deaner rolls up Sky, and ODB is the new Knockout Champion.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout Champion: ODB

After the match, Deaner grabs the belt from ODB and goes to the back. In the ring, the Beautiful People start to argue and Love is mad at Sky for taking the pin. Sky explains that it was Rayne, and they turn their attention to the third member of the Beautiful People. Love and Sky walk out and leave Rayne in the ring.

Lauren is backstage with Joe and Taz. Taz says tonight Joe is pumped and he’s ready to leave TNA the new X Division Champion. He says Homicide better be ready to leave without the belt. Joe and Taz leave without Joe getting a word in.

TNA X Division Championship Match
– Homicide (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Homicide tries for a quick roll up, but Joe kicks out at two and hits Homicide with a big lariat. Homicide sends Joe to the outside where Taz is quick to come to his side to try and refocus Joe. Joe rolls back in the ring, where Homicide continues to get the better of him with his quickness, until Joe hits a German suplex. Homicide rolls to the outside, but Joe follows him out with a suicide dive. Joe catches Homicide with a powerslam, but Joe can only hold him down for a two count, and Joe looks to be getting frustrated. Homicide tries to fight back with a trio of chops, but when he goes for a suplex, Joe blocks and hits him with a front suplex. Joe hits a big powerbomb, but again it’s only good for two.

Joe is out to the ring first with his advisor Taz in tow. Homicide is out next and the two men stare each other down from across the ring. Joe and Homicide lock up and Joe pushes Homicide back into the corner to start things off. Joe locks in the STF, but Homicide is able to make it into the ropes to force a break. Joe continues to pound on Homicide with right hands in the corner. Homicide is finally able to get some kind of an advantage with a series of lariats, followed up by a series of low dropkicks to the leg. Homicide goes up top and hits a missile dropkick that sends Joe to the outside again.

Homicide follows Joe to the outside with a Tope con Helio, and Homicide faces off with Taz, but there’s no physical contact between the two. Back in the ring, Homicide hits Joe with a neckbreaker, but it’s only good for a near fall. Joe takes Homicide over with a belly to back suplex, but Homicide pops right back up and hits the gringo cutter, but again he only scores a two count.

Homicide goes for the gringo killer, but Joe fights out and locks in the rear naked choke. Joe takes Homicide down to the mat where he’s forced to tap out.

Winner & NEW X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

Borash is backstage following Angle who is looking for Morgan. Angle goes into Morgan’s dressing room where Morgan freaks out. Angle asks about Morgan’s aspirations to join the MEM. Morgan says of course he wanted to join the MEM, but Kurt made him jump through hoops, and tonight Angle has to deal with it. Angle says that there’s a contract waiting for Morgan, and the only thing he has to do, is work together to keep the title in the MEM tonight. Angle says their job is to keep Sting from winning the title tonight. Morgan says ‘you or me, Kurt’ and the two shake on it before Morgan leaves.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
– Team 3D vs. Booker T & Scott Steiner (c)

3D are out first to a big pop from the Florida crowd. Steiner and Booker are out next with Sharmell. The two teams talks trash in the middle of the ring and it doesn’t take long before they attack each other. Team 3D gets the immediate advantage, sending both Steiner and Booker to the outside. Steiner and Booker tease leaving, but are attacked by 3D and the fight spills out into the crowd. Booker and D-Von fight in the crowd while Bubba and Steiner fight up by the entrance ramp. Bubba traps Steiner’s arm in a guard rail and goes to work, wrenching away. D-Von and Booker fight to the top of the stands, not really doing anything but brawling.

Steiner and Bubba make their way out into the crowd, and Steiner wails on Bubba with a chair. Steiner goes for the pin, but he can only get a two count. Brother Ray gets a hold of the chair, but Steiner ducks Ray’s shot. Steiner makes his way to the upper section and actually jumps off on top of Brother Ray. Brother Ray is the first to make his way back to his feet and he grabs a chair and smacks Steiner right in the gut. Booker and D-Von continue to fight in the ringside area, but the camera doesn’t stay on them long, as we’re back to Ray choking Steiner with another chair.

Back in the ring, Steiner hits Ray with a big lariat, but it’s only good for another near fall. On the outside, D-Von sends Booker into the ring post. In the ring, Ray slams Steiner down and D-Von hits the Whazzup headbutt. Ray asks D-Von, and the crowd, to kindly get the tables, and D-Von is more than happy to oblige. 3D lay Steiner on the table, but Booker attacks from behind and they crotch D-Von in the corner. Ray comes back and takes out Booker, and they set up Steiner for a doomsday lariat, but Booker moves the table. Both teams go for pins, but neither can hold a man down for a three count. Ray goes for the table again, but he gets put through it himself with a Bookend from Booker.

Booker goes for a side kick on D-Von, but D-Von side steps it and catches Steiner with a powerslam. A little bit of miscommunication as Steiner hits Booker with a lariat. D-Von catches Steiner with a powerbomb, but again he can only hold him down for a two count. 3D out of nowhere, and Scott Steiner and D-Von make the pin at the exact same time. The referees count to three at the same time, and apparently they need to consult the video footage.

The winners of the match are determined to be the MEM.

Winners & STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Booker T and Scott Steiner

Mick Foley is backstage with Borash. Borash asks Foley is he’s ready to step into the ring with Kevin Nash. Foley says he doesn’t know, but the important thing is he was able to make more money at his last autograph signing because of the Legends Belt. Foley says what Nash doesn’t understand is it doesn’t matter how many zeros you get on your paycheck, but how many fans you bring to their feet. Foley says it’s about truth in advertising, and that’s what tonight’s about. Foley says he has to get to work and he walks out.

TNA Legends Championship Match
– Kevin Nash vs. Mick Foley

Nash is out to the ring first followed by Legends Champion Mick Foley. Foley and Nash lock up to start things out with Nash using his power to back Foley into the corner. Nash hits Foley with a couple of big right hands and tries for a clothesline, but Foley ducks and connects with a series of right hands of his own. Foley sends Nash into the corner and is actually able to send the big man down to one knee. Foley sets up for the double arm DDT, but Nash fights it and pushes Foley to the outside. Foley tries to pull Nash to the outside, but Nash kicks Foley back into the guardrail. Nash hits Foley with a big right hand as soon as Foley gets back up onto the apron, and Nash sends Foley back to the floor with a big clubbing blow across the chest.

Nash goes for a chair and he tries to hit Foley, but Foley ducks and Nash connects with the ring post. Foley picks up the chair, hits Nash in the stomach and across the back, and sends Nash chest first into the guardrail. Foley picks up the chair again, and hits Nash in the arm. Foley goes up top for the elbow drop, but when he jumps, Nash blocks using the chair and Foley is busted open around the eye.

Nash goes to work on the eye with a series of rights and lefts and the blood is pouring out of Foley’s eye. Nash hits Foley with a couple of big elbows in the corner, but Foley amazingly starts to fight back. Foley even takes Nash down with a running forearm. Foley and Nash roll back to the outside and Foley sends Nash headfirst into the steel ring steps. Foley’s face is a crimson mask and now Nash is bleeding as well. Foley works over Nash with a series of right hands opening the cut even more.

Foley hits Nash with a running knee in the corner, but Nash is able to pull the referee in the middle of it all, and the ref goes down. Foley reaches under the ring and comes up with a barbed wire baseball bat for a huge pop. Tracy Brooks runs down to the ring and gets knocked to the floor, but the distraction is long enough for Nash to hit the big boot on Foley. Nash covers Mick Foley and gets the three count. After the match Nash picks up the barbed wire bat and hits Foley in the shoulder. Abyss makes his way out with a barbed wire bat of his own to make the save.

Winner & NEW TNA Legends Champion: Kevin Nash

Lauren is backstage with Sting, she asks him how he feels about Angle and Morgan teaming up. Sting says that you can only trust one person in this business, yourself. Sting says Morgan will learn from his mistakes, and that Angle will take advantage of whomever he has to, to preserve himself. Sting says that as long as he can breathe, he’ll never lose hope. Sting says tonight, honor, dignity and respect will come back in style.

Triple-Threat Match for the TNA Championship
– Matt Morgan vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle (c)

Matt Morgan is out to the ring first to no real reaction from the crowd. Sting is out next, each man is getting the video package treatment on their way to the ring before their respective entrances. Angle is out last, as the champion. For some reason, even though we got extensive introductions with video packages, we also get ‘official introductions’ from Borash.

Morgan and Angle team up quickly taking it to Sting right at the outset of the match. Angle and Morgan trade off, keeping Sting on the defensive. Sting is able to sidestep both Angle and Morgan and send both men to the floor. In the ringside area, Sting continues to take the fight to his opponents, slamming Angle’s head into the steel steps and sending Morgan into the guardrail. It doesn’t take long though before Morgan and Angle’s teamwork is able to get the advantage over Sting once again. Sting is able to mount a comeback yet again, sending Angle to the floor and punching away at Morgan in the corner. Sting hits a big splash on Angle and Morgan, even going back for a second round. Sting sends Morgan to the outside and goes to work on Angle with a suplex.

Angle sends Sting to the outside, where Morgan is laying in wait, and Morgan takes the fight directly to Sting. Angle goes for a crossbody, but Sting ducks and Angle hits Morgan. Sting sends Angle back into the ring, reverses out of an Angle slam, and locks in the Scorpion death lock. Morgan breaks things up, and Angle hits the Angle slam, but Sting is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Sting rolls through and sends Angle to the outside. Back in the ring Morgan squashes Sting with a big splash in the corner, before picking Sting up in side suplex position and simply dropping him. Morgan catches Sting with a big leg drop while Sting’s head is draped across the bottom rope, but he can only hold Sting down for a two count. Sting sends Morgan into the ropes but he falls to the outside when Angle pulls down the top rope. Morgan shoves Angle, wipes his balls, and throws the sweat in Angle’s face. Angle tries to attack Morgan, but Morgan hits him with the carbon footprint, and Angle is down.

Hebner calls for the TNA trainer while Morgan has Sting pinned in the middle of the ring. Morgan tries to get Hebner’s attention and Sting hits him from behind with the scorpion death drop. Hebner goes back out to check on Angle. Back in the ring, Morgan hits the carbon footprint and he gets a two count, but Angle pulls the referee out before Hebner can count three. Angle comes in with a chair and he tries to hit Sting, but Sting ducks and Angle connects with Morgan. Angle pins Morgan, and Hebner counts to three. That’s it for this one folks.

Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

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