Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Bobby Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy and Mike Bennett in a triple threat match to become the number one contender for the TNA World title. Lashley and World Champion Drew Galloway had two pull apart brawls including one that took place at a gym.

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Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s Impact, the feud between Lashley and Galloway kicks into high gear as we enter Slammiversary season. Also, Jeff Hardy has some questions for Tag Champs Decay, whose interference last week cost Hardy the triple threat match. Last but certainly not least, The Miracle has something nefarious planned for Ethan Carter III. Muah ha ha ha!

Show Recap:

-Josh Matthews and The Pope stand ringside and welcome us to tonight’s Impact.

-Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring to a roaring reaction from the crowd. He says he does everything for his fans, also known as The Creatures. He brings up Decay and their interference in last week’s main event. Jeff mentions that he had no problem with Decay and even thought they were cool. Jeff is cut off by Decay’s music and the TNA tag champs make their way to the ring.

Abyss tells Jeff that it was just business and they actually like him. Rosemary lets Jeff know that they were paid to attack him. Abyss mentions that the individual who paid them off will make himself known when the time is right. A brawl breaks out with Decay getting the better of Jeff until James Storm hits the ring for the save. Storm and Hardy challenge Decay to a title match and Josh tells us that we’ll find out if they accept after the break.

TNA Tag Team Champions Decay (Crazy Steve & Abyss) w/Rosemary vs. Jeff Hardy and James Storm

Back from commercial and the match is underway. Decay briefly isolate Storm with double team moves including Abyss chokeslamming Steve onto a prone Storm. Storm made the hot tag to Jeff who ran wild on the champs. Jeff laid out Abyss with the Twist of Fate and then went to the top for the Swanton when the lights suddenly went out. When the lights came back on, Willow, Jeff’s alter ego, appeared on the stage and distracted Jeff. Decay spit mist in Jeff eyes and pinned him to retain the tag belts. Willow disappeared and Josh pointed out the obvious: that it wasn’t Jeff dressed up as Willow.

– Back from commercial, Jeff is in the back and screaming in pain. Jeff wonders who that was dressed up as Willow. Jeff says that he’s Willow but that wasn’t him out there. Jeff promises to reveal who is behind the Willow mask tonight.

– Next, we get a great video of Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis attending a Smashing Pumpkins concert. They went backstage to visit lead singer and TNA management Billy Corgan. They pitch some ideas to Billy.

– TNA World Champion Drew Galloway comes out to the ring. Drew cuts a passionate promo about defending the TNA title and making TNA great again. Drew calls out Lashley to the ring and the number one contender joins him in the ring. They argue back and forth until Drew finally challenges Lashley to fight right now. Instead, Lashley is going to take his title shot next week. Lashley walks away leaving Galloway in the ring.

– Eli Drake comes out with his Feast or Fired briefcase. He challenges Drew to a title match and luckily for Eli, Drew is looking for a fight tonight. They end up brawling and Josh informs us that the title match is official.

TNA World Champion Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake

Drew doesn’t have his ribs taped up this week, but Josh points out that his ribs aren’t fully healed. Eli got in a good majority of offense and was in control for a good portion of the match. Eli tried to use the world title and Feast or Fired briefcase, but got caught by referee Brian Hebner. Drew caught Eli with the Claymore and Future Shock DDT for the win.

Post match, Lashley snuck up on Drew and caught him with a spear. Lashley posed with the belt.

– In the back, EC3 is on his way to the ring and is going to call out Mike Bennett. EC3 has been on fire lately with his promos.

– Backstage, Maria informs Knockouts Champion Jade and Gail Kim that they’ll have a match later with Sienna at ringside.

– The catchiest music in wrestling hits and EC3 makes his way to the ring. EC3 comes across like a really big star. The crowd loves him and chants his name. He promises to not talk over the chant. EC3 is a man with a vendetta and calls out The Miracle telling him to bring his wife. The Miracle and Maria make their way to the ring and look stunning.

EC3 said he’s glad that Bennett wore his sunglasses because it’s always sunny in “doucheville.” This was a funny line and gets a “doucheville” chant from the crowd. EC3 challenges Bennett to another match but Bennett refuses him. Bennett will give EC3 a match if he can beat the “demons” from EC3’s past. He accepts and The Miracle informs him that later tonight EC3 will compete in a cage match, but won’t tell him who his opponent is yet.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jade vs. Gail Kim

Sienna is ringside for this match. They have a really good back and forth match. Jade scored a close near fall with a German suplex. Gail took over on Jade and they brawled on the outside. Sienna distracted Gail and Jade hits a suicide dive on Gail. Jade sends Gail back in the ring at which point Sienna jumped Jade and knocked her out. Gail and Sienna brawled with Sienna getting the better of Gail.

– Next, we get a video of Al Snow at the Al Snow Wrestling Academy. Two of his students were competing while Snow cut a passionate promo. Al said that this is how wrestling use to be. He adds that he’s like Donald Trump: he’s not allowing anybody into the wrestling business. He’s going to eliminate Grado and Mahabali Shera.

Al Snow vs. Mahabali Shera

Al takes the mic and basically repeats the previous promo from the academy. He tells everyone that he is the Donald Trump of wrestling. Al is going to build a wall around wrestling and will decide who gets in. Al rips the fans as they chant “boring”. There has been a lot of talking on this episode of Impact. Shera comes out and Al quickly gets the advantage. Al uses an illegal object on Shera, but is able to hide it from the referee. Snow went into his tights and pulled out another illegal object, but Grado showed up and distracted Al, giving Shera the chance to pull out the surprise victory.

– In the back, Jeff is searching for Willow and finally finds him. They brawl around the backstage area as we cut to commercial.

– Back from commercial, Jeff is beating the life out of Willow when suddenly a second Willow attacks Jeff from behind. The strange new Willow takes out Jeff with the chair. The camera pulls back and it’s revealed that it was three Willows that attacked Jeff.

– Backstage, Snow cut an insane promo about his loss to Shera. Al points out that it took two guys to beat him. Al calls himself a real athlete and charges off.

– EC3 comes out for the cage match. Josh reminds us that this is the first match in EC3’s road to redemption. He must win this match to eventually get another match with Mike Bennett. Bennett introduces the first “demon” EC3 must over come is Rockstar Spud.

Steel Cage Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud charges into the cage full of passion and fire. This is short lived as EC3 quickly takes over. EC3 bounces Spud all over the ring. Spud gets the advantage with a low blow. Spud uses his belt and viciously whips EC3 on the back. Spud kept trying to escape the cage, but EC3 prevented him each time. EC3 bounced Spud off the cage. Spud climbed to the top of the cage but EC3 caught him and gave him a press slam from the top. EC3 hit the One Percenter for the pin and the win.

Post match, Mike Bennett walked out onto the stage and applauded EC3’s victory to end the show.

Next Time on Impact:

TNA World Champion Drew Galloway will defend against “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley.