source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— During the 7/31 Impact main event featuring Gail Kim & Taylor Wilde vs. The Beautiful People, Kim was shown hugging a young woman at ringside that looked like a relative of her, or possibly a younger sister. The woman was shown prominently during the match, so it seemed like she was going to get involved. However, the announcers made no mention of her. The woman in question is not related to Kim, but is being considered for a role as one of her “relatives” for television. At the moment, the character is still up in the air, so in case they don’t use her, they didn’t want to call attention to her on television this early.

— Injured TNA Knockout Mickie Knuckles’ TNA ring name has been quietly changed to Moose Knuckles on the roster page. This is the third ring name for Knuckles in TNA. When she made her TNA debut back in June, Mike Tenay called her Mickie Knuckles on commentary. She then appeared at Slammiversary and her name was changed to Moose by The Beautiful People. And now they added her real last name to the Moose name.

— In a correction from an earlier report, Christy Hemme has not been removed from the cover of the upcoming Knocked Out DVD. TNA will be releasing two different covers featuring Christy Hemme & Karen Angle, respectively. The DVD is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 7.

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