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The ringside barricades at a WWE event are for everyone’s safety – and occasionally for a competitive edge. Here are the 10 most brutal attacks that involved the barricades.

Tommaso Ciampa Continues His War With The Fans On Social Media

In his never ending self promotion and master-level heel persona, Tommaso Ciampa continues his war with the WWE Universe on social Media. The fans have had a reason to hate him ever since Ciampa turned his back on former #DIY partner Johnny Gargano, nearly one year ago a NXT TakeOver: Chicago. It is fitting that Ciampa & Gargano will continue their rivalry in a recently announced match at NXT TakeOver: Chicago next month, with a huge stipulation announced.

Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano faced off at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans in a 5-Star Classic where Ciampa was forced to tap out, and the fans have not let him forget it. Ciampa responded to the fans in a Tweet that you can see below.

Ever since Takeover NOLA every night I walk out that curtain, I am greeted by the same song and dance…

“You tapped out! You tapped out!”

You all gave up on me long before I ever quit on anything.

Don’t you ever forget that. I know I never will. Pathetic. pic.twitter.com/HmtDkuhJST

— BLACKHEART (@ProjectCiampa) May 11, 2018


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