Lucha Underground will be making some major announcements soon, according to Court Bauer on the latest episode of MLW Radio entitled “Episode 182: Destination Drama.”

Court’s co-host MSL asked Bauer and former WWE head writer Alex Greenfield what the number two promotion is, now that Ring of Honor has secured a national TV deal with Destination America. Bauer said:

“Right now Lucha Underground is in a position where they might be able to announce something very soon that would then change the complexion of what they are both in the United States and then down in Mexico. [The news would] give them a boost in the financing end.”

Greenfield called the statement a huge tease, and accused Bauer of having more details than he’s letting on. Bauer replied, “No comment.”

Lucha Underground has yet to make an official announcement regarding a second season, but it seems like they could be on the verge of announcing a more significant TV partnership moving forward, perhaps with Univision.

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