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Taking an updated look at the betting odds for WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday reveals slight line moves, new matches with odds available and some interesting prop bets. The MitB match itself still has Baron Corbin as the favorite to win and these odds have become even more favorable and now sit at -190. In addition there are odds for how long this match will last in the form of an over/under. Under 24 minutes is slightly more favored at -137 compared to 24 minutes or more at -110. It’s noticeable that both the over or under have the minus sign and the number after the minus represents how much would be needed to bet to win $100.

Odds for the Women’s MitB match have also been added with Carmella the most favored at -145. This could be driven by the possibility of James Ellsworth to get involved and he actually has odds of +110 to be ejected from ringside during the match. Nikki Bella for some reason has odds of +300 to appear at ringside during the match,. There are even odds on if the briefcase will be cashed in during the event itself at +500. As for match length the over/under is 20 minutes with odds of -137 for under and -110 for 20 or more.

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Both Jinder Mahal and Naomi are favored to successfully defend the WWE Championship and Smackdown Women’s Championships respectively, while the Smackdown Tag Team Championships are in a dead heat with both the Usos and The New Day at -120.

WWE Money in the Bank Match
Baron Corbin -190
Sami Zayn +650
Kevin Owens +650
AJ Styles +750
Shinsuke Nakamura +450
Dolph Ziggler +1500

WWE Women’s Money in the Bank Match
Carmella -145
Becky Lynch +350
Natalya +365
Charlotte Flair +950
Tamina +2800

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal(c) -250 vs Randy Orton +175

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Naomi(c) -500 vs Lana +300

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos(c) -120 vs The New Day -120

Length of Men’s MitB Match
Under 24 Minutes -137
24 Minutes or More -110

Length of Women’s MitB Match
Under 20 Minutes -137
20 Minutes or More -110

Length of WWE Championship Match
Under 18 Minutes -120
18 Minutes or More -120

MitB Men’s Special Bets
Rusev to Appear Ringside During the Match +400
Breifcase to be Cashed in the Night of MitB +500

MitB Women’s Special Bets
James Ellsworth to be Ejected from Ringside +110
Nikki Bella to Appear at Ringside +300
Briefcase to be Cashed in at Event +500