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The show began with Evil Uno on the phone with Mr. Brodie Lee. Lee asked him to “do him a solid” and hit himself with a stack of papers. Uno obliged. 
The Young Bucks were at an airport Chili’s but it was closed so they could not get baby back ribs. 
The Young Bucks talked about their coronavirus tests and how waiting for the results every week is scary. 
The Bucks were hanging out in the ring before Fyter Fest. Private Party entered and asked Matt how his ribs were. Matt said he felt fine. Private Party accused him of lying. Nick said he was “dead ass” and Private Party cleared out. 
Alex Reynolds and John Silver met with the fortune teller in an attempt to recruit him to Dark Order. They failed in their attempt. 
Matt and Nick gave Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler and Leva Bates a pop quiz to determine their tag team knowledge. 
Colt Cabana approached Kenny Omega backstage. The Bucks cut Cabana off and told him to stop messing around with Omega. They said that they saw Omega wearing aviators and that he put hair extensions on his Amazon wish list. They said Omega was going to kill Cabana and told him to steer clear. 
Hangman Page asked The Bucks if they knew what the AF in Christian AF stood for. Hilarity ensued. 
Frankie Kazarian ran into Matt and Nick backstage. He was still possessed by the spirit of Michael Hayes or Terry Taylor. 
Nick and Matt Hardy were hanging out. Nick transformed into his Merch Freak persona while Hardy slipped in and out of his various personalities. 
Omega, Page, Matt and Nick were hanging out in their dressing room. They jokingly took some shots at NXT. Omega and Page agreed to meet up for a drink with FTR later so Omega could apologize to FTR for his actions on Dynamite. Matt and Nick asked Page if they were cool. Page said he loved The Bucks but didn’t like them and was sure they felt the same way. Page said he would continue doing BTE bits but that hanging out with them felt like when someone writes ‘have a good summer’ in the back of your high school yearbook.