Ticket sales and TV money represent just one part of WWE’s revenue. Much of that revenue also includes the sale of merchandise. T-Shirts, video games, DVD’s and much more all generate sales for the company.

But toys are also a big part of that as well. Many WWE fans collect these toys and that is especially true of the action figures.

Recently, Alexa Bliss, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins got the opportunity to visit Mattel Headquarters in Segundo, California.. Senior Designer Bill Miekina gave the trio a look at Mattel’s newest line of action figures, the WWE Ultimate Edition.

The Ultimate Edition goes a step above the wildly popular Elite figures. The figures are much more detailed and include double-jointed elbows and knees. The figures also have side-to-side movement and toe articulation, all of which gives fans a much more realistic action figure.

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