On the most recent edition of Eric Bischoff’s ’83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff examined WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s run in WCW.

Following the podcast, the video below was released by The Pro Wrestling Show, featuring Hart responding to Bischoff’s podcast.

“Eric Bischoff is an idiot”, claimed Hart. “Total, complete idiot. Maybe the single stupidest idiot that ever got into wrestling. I could sit here for too long and talk about all the stupid things…a guy who never came through on anything he said. He had zero ideas for wrestling. You could go in and give him ideas for wrestling. ‘Why don’t you go and put me Booker T, put me with Chris Benoit, put me with this guy…[Bischoff] always had a bulls**t excuse why he couldn’t do it.”

You can hear more from Bischoff in video player below:

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“He was the stupidest guy I ever met..”@BretHart responds to @EBischoff’s claims on @83Weeks that he ‘brought nothing creatively’ to his WCW run 🔥

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— The Pro Wrestling Show (@ProWrestleShow) June 7, 2018

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